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Stonehenge, İngiltere

10 Most Interesting Places in the World

The world is a mysterious place... There're humans on it, for a start, as the source of all the mystery. But some places have a lot more stories than others, people have been p[...]

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Hollanda: Sene olmuş 2014, hala özgürlük mü konuşuyorsunuz siz?

World Leaders in Press Freedom

The twitter ban in Turkey has yet again sparked the same old debates on freedom of expression and press freedom. For many countries it's not even an issue to talk about, but do the[...]

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Segl-Maria, İsviçre

The Most Peaceful Countries in the World

We frequently come across with people dreaming of living in another country. Everyone has his own reason and a "best country". But what does one look for in the country s/he wants [...]

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Surma kadını

10 Strange African Traditions

Afrika, that we always see in films or documentaries... A unique, mystical, free and bloody territory... A continent whose people preserve their culture to its fullest, also... A[...]

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JW Mariott Marquis Dubai

Interesting Facts About Hotels

We all need a hotel from time to time, one way or another.  We check in, have a shower, sleep and leave. It is mostly enough for most of us to have the rates and the service in a s[...]

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Traveler-Friendly Mobile Apps

A lot of questions spring in one's mind before travelling, quite naturally. Are you going to like where you're going to stay? Which means of transportation will you prefer? Are you[...]

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Tourist Scams Unravelled

Travelling... Simply beautiful... It makes you see new places, meet new people, find a new love. Everywhere we go, we learn new things, may be even discover what we know is incorre[...]

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Global Visa Database: VisaMapper

We have so far strived to introduce you several travel-friendly web sites, from one that tells you how much you would spend in a particular city (numbeo) to another web site that c[...]

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What Makes a Bad Hostel?

Hostels... One of the most fun and economic accommodation alternatives... Giving us a lot of new friends, may be even travel companions, hostels are always in the top-3 list of tra[...]