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Top-10 Countries That Drink The Most

For some, alcohol connotates prohibition and problems while for others it is only a means of pleasure. The well known fact is that excessive consumption alcohol may cause massi[...]

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10 Safest Countries To Walk Alone At Night

When it comes to safely walking alone at night, the criteria is always about the women's safety, which is in deed a significant indicator. Because, as you may easily guess, wom[...]

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Top 10 Countries Where Religion Does Not Prevail

Faith has been a war causing, conflict raising and debate provoking issue throughout the history. The religion one is subject to has a great role to play in defining oneself. As we[...]

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Some home time in Liberia...

Top 5 Poorest Countries in the World

The peaceful countries, the most liberal ones, the richest ones and so on... It's always cool and interesting to check out the "top countries" and make travel plans... But have[...]

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Amazing lobby, Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

The Ice Hotels of The World

Ice, snow and cold everywhere you touch… Would you really want to spend your holiday in such a place? If your answer to this question is a definite “No”, think again, because some [...]

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Skopje, The Stone Bridge and The Parliament

5 Good Reasons to Visit Skopje, Macedonia

The Balkans… At the intersection of Europe and Asia, the Balkans have always been subject to numerous wars, conflicts and sorrow. However, from personal experience, I should tell y[...]

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Bangladeş: Şimdi oy kullanayım, akşama da gelir yakarım...

The Most Controversial Elections since 2013

Elections are the largest national organizations by which peoples can respond to their government in the most accurate way. Although I'd like to think otherwise, most people think [...]