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Top-10 Countries with the Highest Minimum Wage

The minimum wage within a country may be a good indicator of many things like the life standards or cost of living in that particular country. The UK Government website,, de[...]

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: The Origins and Spread

Nowadays the world’s quite busy with a game called the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, basically, it involves dumping a bucket of ice water on one’s head and challenging others to do the s[...]

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Expected Tourism Trends of 2015

We have been writing about the methods of saving money for travelling and the prices of certain services. However, the holiday season of 2014 is almost over (travel season is not!)[...]

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Soul Kitchen Hostel

Top-10 Hostels In The World

Hostels are preferred by a vast majority of especially young travelers, since they’re both cheap and social places. Sleeping in a large room with other travelers who share your tra[...]

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Qatar Airways

Top-5 Airlines in the World in 2014

Farnborough is a small town in southern England, somewhere to the west of London. Small as it is, this small town hosts an important event every two years, called the “Farnborough [...]

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st basil's cathedral, russia

Top-5 Countries by Suicide Rates

Suicide is an action cursed by many, but also committed by many. The act of killing oneself is not welcome in any culture, although there may be exceptions. There are countries lik[...]