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Top 10 Countries With The Safest Roads

Road safety is a crucial issue in that thousands of people lose their lives in car crashes or other vehicle related accidents every year. According to World Health Organization sou[...]

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Travelling Beauties: Travel Bloggers with a Style

Once upon a time, there was a king and a queen. They had no children, thus they were very sad. One day, the queen gave birth to a lovely baby girl and celebrations were organized[...]

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The Most Punctual Airlines of August

Delays in flights may be quite a big pain in the neck (yeah, neck) and according to the Bureau of Transportation and USA Today, the causes of flight delays and cancellations are as[...]

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European Habits Of Tourism Consumption

Everyone travels, right. This is not the biggest secret (un)known to mankind. Every person or group has its own why's and how's of travelling, but the personal experiences and pref[...]

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World's Best Ski Hotel 2014 - Candidates

More and more ski resorts are opened every year for the fans of skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports, and the sector keeps expanding every year as a result. Most people hav[...]

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Gezginlerin Konaklama Tercihleri (Sonuçlar)

Daha önce sizlerden katılımını istemiş olduğumuz “Gezginlerin Konaklama Tercihleri” anketimizin sonuna gelebildik sonunda. Meraklılarının yanında turizm sektörünün tamamının ilgisi[...]

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Most Spoken Languages In the World

“Language” is apparently the best and the most useful (but not the most important) means of communication among humans (and some other species, in different forms). A language [...]