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Taking a Winter Holiday to Ibiza

Ibiza is the summer club capital, with some of the best raves and music that the world has to offer. So why would anyone want to visit this island during the winter months, when al[...]

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The Most Expensive Cities in the World

Cost of living is the first variable that one tends to check out before deciding the move to another city. Each city has its own economic standards, thus each one requires a diff[...]

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Travel Booking Going Mobile

The use of internet booking engines for booking flights, rooms or tours have been growing drastically in the recent years. Internet booking engines are basically search engines wit[...]

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The Oldest Universities in the World

"University" is a term that was actually derived from "universitas magistrorum et scholarium", which more or less means "the community of teachers and scholars" [1], coming from th[...]

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5 Most Common Religions, 5 Amazing Temples

Faith has had a significant impact on human behavior and people have been building temples around the world probably since the beginning of human history. The first known templ[...]

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Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Travel Awards

Business Traveller is a high-rank travel magazine covering a wide range of topics from airlines to city guides, along with the most recent tourism related news. Launched in 1976 in[...]