2014 Rising Destinations

The Rising Trends of 2014: Vietnam, Mexico, Tanzania

According to Breaking Travel News, Kuoni, one of the world’s leading tourism agencies, has announced the most widely preferred tourism destinations in 2014. In the list, while Maldives, Mauritus and Sri Lanka take over the first 3, Vietnam, Mexico and Tanzania, which happen to be climbing the stairs of popularity rapidly, exceeded the attention that first 3 countries drew.

Kuoni report states that Vietnam, with a single-party socialistic government and Flappy Bird, secured itself the 13th place in the list, surpassing 9 destinations.

On the other hand, the land of Azetcs and Mayans, Mexico, jumped over 12 destinations, claiming the 17th place. Mexico has been known to be attracting more and and more tourists recently, focusing on the all-inclusive concept.

Having a great linguistic variety (over 100 languages spoken) within its borders, Tanzania has been shown in the 2nd place in the rising trends lists. The countries name had not been too frequently mentioned in the previous years.

But what is so attractive about these countries? 

For one thing, the name Vietnam (or the Nam) is highly familiar. We have all seen a number movies in our childhood, in which Amerikans beat Vietnamese bad guys, with the US Flag waving at the end. Of course, we had to grow up to see the truth. Apart from this, Vietnam is quite an economic country, you can eat or drick as you wish. Moreover, its natural beauty is also a reason for preference.

For instance, Thien Mu Pagoda (Hue)

Thien Mu Pagodası

Pagoda is a generic name for Asian type towers, built by taoists or budists with a religious reference. One of the most beautiful examples of pagodas is the Thien Mu Pagoda, in Hue region. Also, this structure is taken as a symbol of the imperial capital of Vietnam. The tower, when it was built in 1601, had a more plain look, but the renovation work since then has given the tower its current appearance.

Another reason to go to Vietnam is the Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Körfezi

This highly eye-catching bay reaches out 120 kilometers in the north of Vietnam. Ha Long Bay means ‘The Bay of Descending Dragons’. There thousands of small islands within the bay and most of them are covered in thick jungles. Some of them have massive caves to be explored. You can even come across with floating fishing villages where the land is available.


With its wild nature and an ethnical diversity of 126 different nations, Tanzania is cut out for safari-lovers. The country, having endless natural sites and a vast eco-diversity, attracts more and more tourists each year. Some of the must-see places are as follows:


Ngorongoro Koruma Alanı

Ngorongoro, which is actually inside a crater formed by a volcano eruption 2-3 million years ago, hosts countless animal species. If you’d like to see the endangered black rhino, Ngorongoro is your best shot.

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti Milli Parkı

One of the most popular safari destinations in the world, Serengeti National Park is quite frequently visited in May. Because in this month, massive amounts of wildebeest and zebras surge into the area.


Mexico is the 10th largest oil producer in the world, which is actually not the reason why so many tourists are attracted by the country. As mentioned above, the country blends historical/natural beauty and the all-inclusive concept perfectly, earning its fame when it comes to tourism.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza, the largest Mayan city known, is one of the Mexican locations that attracts the most tourists. The city, mostly famous for the El Castillo pyramid, also has spots where the Mayans used to observe the space.


Teotihuacan Güneş Piramidi

The Pyramid of the Sun is one of the most significant masterpieces that the Teotihucans, whose history outdates the Aztecs, left. The must-visit pyramid also hosts a lot of mysteries, one of the most interesting of which is where those people went all of a sudden.

Some of these popular destinations are quite far from most of us, in deed. But we have to tell you that all 3 of them are quite budget friendly. Once you reach there, you don’t spend a lot. For those who wonder how to find a cheap flight to those countries, we recommend our cheap flights article.

The Rising Trends of 2014: Vietnam, Mexico, Tanzania / 2014'ün Yükselenleri: Vietnam, Meksika, Tanzanya
Article Name
The Rising Trends of 2014: Vietnam, Mexico, Tanzania / 2014'ün Yükselenleri: Vietnam, Meksika, Tanzanya
The Rising Trends of 2014: Vietnam, Mexico, Tanzania / 2014'ün Yükselenleri: Vietnam, Meksika, Tanzanya


  1. 17 February 2014  04:20 by Agness Reply

    On my bucket list. Hope to make it there, such an amazing spot to explore!

    • 17 February 2014  12:19 by ecotripsos Reply

      Amazing spots, in deed... And the cultures are totally unfamiliar (to me at least), which makes it even more attractive! :)

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