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Selimiye Arasta (covered bazaar), Edirne

Selimiye Arasta (Covered Bazaar), Edirne

The Selimiye Arasta (Covered Bazaar) was built to provide income to Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, Turkey during the time of Sultan Murat III. The Selimiye Arasta is 225 meters in leng[...]

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Imperial Kitchens of Edirne Palace

Edirne Palace, Sarayiçi Area

Edirne Palace, which is actually the second palace in Edirne, was built on an area of ​​3.000.000 m2 on the bank of the Tunca River in the north of the city and its construction st[...]

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Eski Cami Edirne (Front)

Eski Cami (Old Mosque) in Edirne

Eski Cami (Turkish phrase for The Old Mosque) is an ancient monumental structure which succeeded to reach today from the Ottomans in Edirne, who once made the city their capital be[...]