IATA Air Passenger Report

IATA Air Passenger Analysis Report (9/14)

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has recently analysed the September ’14 data of air passengers and published a report regarding the volume of air passengers as well as its impacts on the industry.

For a full list of 2013 – 2014 monthly air passenger analyses and full reports, please visit IATA’s official website.

Before heading off to the September 2014 report of IATA, let’s have a look at the facts and figures of August 2014 to be able to make comparisons.

  • Growth in international revenue passenger kilometers: 6,7%
  • Growth in domestic revenue passenger kilometers: 4,5%
  • Domestic RPKs growth leader: Russia (10,1%)
  • Growth in air travel volumes: 5,9%

IATA Airline Passenger Monthly Report

Air Passenger Volumes – World

According to the September 2014 Air Passenger Report of IATA, the growth in air travel volumes decreased by 1% in September (5,3%), when compared to the growth in August. However, the growth is expected to keep increasing in the following months. According to IATA analysts, the decrease is actually a correction after the heavy increase in August.

Domestic international revenue passenger kilometers rose by 5,3% in September worldwide. The air passenger growth leader of September 2014 was India (26,3%) in relation to the reduction of fares domestically. On the other edge of the list, Russia had a massive slow down in September, from 10,1% to 5,6% due to the crisis with Ukraine.

Air Passenger Industry Demand and Industry Load

Although risks are involved, the demand for air travel is expected to keep leveling up, especially in the US and Asia-Pacific where the improvement levels are the highest.

Industry load factors related to air transport slightly declined in September internationally. By contrast, there was a slight increase in domestic load factors due to the increasing demand.

Air Passenger Volumes By Continents

The growth in international air travel was the highest in the Middle East within the particular period (15,8%). This increase is thought to be because of the strength of the regional economies. Another impact of the increase in international air travel was an increased business confidence in the Middle East.

Asia-Pacifc carriers, on the other hand, could grow their traffic by 4,8% in September. Although this percentage of growth is lower than August 2014, it is yet to rise, according to analysts.

Growing their international revenue passenger kilometers quite slowly, North American airlines could increase their traffic growth by only 2,1% in September 2014. However, due to the fast growth in trade volumes, the growth rates of air traffic is expected to keep rising, even slowly.

When it comes to Latin America, the air passenger growth rate was 4,6% in September. The continent performed much better in August 2014. Similar to North America, the growth of trade volumes in Brazil is expected to spark more frequent business travels.

As for Africa, the air passenger growth rate was stuck in 1,8%. But this low percentage should not be interpreted as a negative trend as it may solely be a fluctuation, according to IATA. Moreover, since the Ebola restrictions are quite limited when compared to the total volume of the continent and South Africa has recently avoided recession successfully, an increase would not be totally unrealistic to expect.


In general, IATA Air Passenger Monthly Report suggests that Air Passenger volumes keep growing, although the growth rate varies according to the region. The fact that the industry load increases only slightly while international revenue passenger kilometers grow worldwide could be interpreted as a good sign for the near future of the airline industry.

To see the full report, please click on the reference link.


1. http://www.iata.org/whatwedo/Documents/economics/passenger-analysis-sep-2014.pdf

IATA Air Passenger Report / IATA Hava Yolcusu Raporu
Article Name
IATA Air Passenger Report / IATA Hava Yolcusu Raporu
IATA Air Passenger Report / IATA Hava Yolcusu Raporu

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