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Budget Comfort: Carpooling

So you`re one of these guys who want to travel cheap but still do not want to leave comfort aside? Carpooling is your best shot! Briefly explained, carpooling is sharing your ride with a stranger as well as the expenses such as fuel or tolls. The more people you have in the car, the cheaper you travel!

Unlike hitch-hiking, carpooling is a pre-arranged agreement among 2 or more people for departing from point A and arriving at point B. Through the course of the journey, fuel and other driving-related expenses are divided into equal proportions per passenger. While deeming your journey a cheap one, you can relax at the back seat and have a chit-chat with your new friends. Cheap, convenient and sounds like fun, yeah?

Arac Paylasimi

Having briefly advertised carpooling, let`s take a closer look at the advantages.

Carpooling saves you money. However long we talk about the environment-friendliness and sociability opportunities provided by carpooling, `a tight budget` is still the number one reason to prefer it. The equation is simple. My car consumes 8 liters of fuel per 100 km, which costs 39,2 Turkish Liras. If I allow 3 more people to share my ride, the sum of my expenses per 100 km will be down to 9,8 liras, which means I save 29,4 Turkish Liras per 100 km. As mentioned above, the equation is simple, you save money and you buy a concert ticket, treat yourself to a huge meal or be kind enough to surprise your beloved one with flowers with the money you save!

Carpooling is fun! Think about a 300 km ride and you`re lucky enough to have 3 co-passengers with driving licences. Drive in turns and enjoy your book, watching around or even a nap! No more driving exhaustion!

Carpooling is more fun! Here, the assumption is that you travel because you are interested in what the people of the world can offer you. Their lives! Although not in a sacrificial sense as you may mistakenly imply from the previous sentence, carpooling provides you with the simple humane need of socializing and learning from others` experiences. Hmm, you`re the teaching type? Be their guest! What could be better than interesting life stories while all you can see around is corn fields?

Arac Paylasimi

Carpooling is eco-friendly. Let`s face it, we are destroying the world we live in with our `daily needs(!)` nice and easy. Every liter of fuel our cars consume takes a bit of the nature away from us (Fact : More than half of the air pollution in urban areas are caused by motor vehicles!) and carpooling is one way to slow this down at least. Some experts have already claimed that we may be in the point of no return. While saving money, you may also be saving your grandchildren`s life. Think about it! We`re sure you`ll like the idea.

Given the technological opportunities of our age, carpooling is just clicks away from you! Make a simple web search for carpooling communities, download a carpooling application to your smartphone, or simply arrange your friends or neighbors to travel with you! Save money, make friends, keep it green!

Hem Bütçe Dostu, Hem Konforlu: Araç Paylaşımı
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Hem Bütçe Dostu, Hem Konforlu: Araç Paylaşımı
Araç paylaşımı (carpooling) nedir? Avantajları nelerdir? Araç paylaşımı (carpooling) ile ucuz seyahat nasıl yapılır?

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