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Interrail/Balkan Flexipass - 15 Güvenlik Önerisi

Interrail ve Balkan Flexipass yazılarımızda yeni başlayanlar için bir takım detaylardan bahsetmiştik.  “Önlem” sözcüğü “ön” kökünden geliyor, İngilizce’si “precaution” burada da “p[...]

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15 Safety Tips for Interrail and Balkan Flexipass

In our articles Interrail and Balkan Flexipass, we have attempted to cover the basics for starters. This article is about safety precautions to help making your rail tour experienc[...]

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Train Ride to Balkans: Balkan FlexiPass

In our Interrail article, we have mentioned the cheaper ways of travelling across Europe in detail. The topic of this article is also similar, but this time with a more limited are[...]

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10 Interrail (Eurail) Tips To Ease the Life!

In a previous article of ours, we have tried to clarify what Interrail is, what it is not and how it is done. We hope that you have found it useful. So, you have read the article, [...]

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Let's Interrail This Summer!

From what I’ve seen, more and more students quote the title of this article as the summer approaches. An Interrail holiday (Eurail for overseas travellers) is something that most o[...]