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Train Ride to Balkans: Balkan FlexiPass

In our Interrail article, we have mentioned the cheaper ways of travelling across Europe in detail. The topic of this article is also similar, but this time with a more limited area. The Balkans!!! If you wonder why we needed the exclamation marks with “The Balkans”, I tell you, you MUST read this article carefully and tour the Balkans city by city! As a person who has seen almost all of the area, I can say that Balkan countries are the most fun in the world! Especially when you consider the prices in the region and how much crazy people (in a good way) live there, someone who hasn’t seen the Balkans is missing lots, lots of things!

Balkan FlexiPass

Any Balkan country is a must-see, even if your only reason for going there is how wrong those who blabber about wars and horrific stories about the Balkans are! Because you will not be treated as a stranger there. You cannot even imagine how many people helped me, hosted me and treated me as a part of their family, during my hitch-hiking tour through the Balkans. For that reason, Balkans are always different to my eyes. As for travelling, I must tell you this, you don’t have to spend money for transportation or accommodation, if you are in the Balkans. Couchsurfing groups are quite active and and the old Yugoslavian way of hitch-hiking continues to be a perfect means of transportation. However, I am well aware of the fact that most of you guys are still not so comfortable when it comes to hitch-hiking, which is why I present you the cheapest option after hitch-hiking to see the Balkans: Balkan FlexiPass!

What is Balkan Flexipass? Balkan Flexipass, just like Interrail or Eurail, is a train pass that gives its holder the right to take multiple trains within a month. The only difference is that, you can use this type of train pass only in Bosnia&Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), Romania, Serbia and Greece. [1]

Balkan FlexiPass

When does Balkan FlexiPass start? From where I can take the train?

Balkan FlexiPass holders can start their journey wherever they want, whenever they want! It doesn’t matter if you go to Bosnia by plane and start your tour there, or leave Turkey directly by train. The only thing you need to bear in mind is that there is no 1 month continuous option in Balkan Flexipass. Plus, you are the one to set the start date of your pass. As we have previously mentioned, Balkan Flexipas is not a package tour, which makes it flexible to its fullest, you can go whenever you want!

For how long is Balkan FlexiPass valid? What are the prices?

All the passes are valid for a month, but with limitations. Also note that the prices in this article are in US dollars, for passengers under 26. For more information, you can visit

5 Day Pass: You can take any train for 5 days within one month. Price: $158

10 Day Pass: You can take any train for 10 days within one month. Price: $275

15 Day Pass: You can take any train for 15 days within one month. Price: $332 [2]

These being the prices, the popular myth is that most conductors in the Balkans are not aware of what Balkan FlexiPass is, resulting in an unstamped pass and unlimited train rides. An unstamped pass means that you do not lose any days and if you manage to have your pass unstamped for 30 days, your Balkan Flexipass becomes a “1 month continuous pass”!

Balkan FlexiPass

All you need to present for buying your pass is your passport. Since passes are individual-specific, your passport number is written on your ticket and it may be cross-checked at customs. For that reason, have your passport ready for buying your Balkan Flexipass. [3]

Do I need a Visa for Balkan Flexipass?

Depends on the countries you’ll visit. As you plan your Balkan tour, check if you need a visa for any of the countries. There is no “single visa” application for Balkan countries (except for Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Hungary) so you may need to obtain your visas separately. Note that Albania is not included in the Balkan Flexipass countries, but fear not, only for 4-5 Euros can you travel vast distances in that country [4].

So much for the information about Balkan Flexipass. The rest is up to the adventurer inside you. Socialize and do not let the stereotypical stories ruin your trip. Thanks to personal experience, I guarantee you, your Balkan tour will be totally unforgettable!






Balkan Flexipass
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Balkan Flexipass
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  1. 2 February 2016  13:16 by Jan St Reply

    The balkans are totally worth the trip by train, as there are not many (if at all) low budget airlines flying from point A to point B, normally they just fly in and out of balkans from germany/uk. The landscapes are definitely worth it too!

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