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World Leaders in Press Freedom

The twitter ban in Turkey has yet again sparked the same old debates on freedom of expression and press freedom. For many countries it’s not even an issue to talk about, but do the people in Turkey who can’t access Richard Dawkins’s website just because he has strict opinions about the existence of a god think the same way? Or the Chinese who can’t access Facebook without proxy? I can’t even find examples from North Korea, since the country itself is one.

Those bans and restrictions naturally come from criticism, which is only one thing that the politicians fear. Because they are well aware that unless the criticism is stopped, it might (and will) create its followers, which may hurt their power.

Press Freedom
Looking at the bird is forbidden…

And of course, by the 21th century, we are mostly informed on the current criticism through press, or internet, to be precise. We all have our own ideas about “press freedom” in other countries, but Reporters Sans Frontières (Reporters Without Borders) has made a list, which is created through scientific methodology and updated every few years.

Let’s have a look at their scoring method. 18 NGO’s around the world are sent questionnaires and additionaly, 150 people around the world are interviewed to collect the data. The questionnaire mainly consists of questions about pluralism, press independence, environmental or self-censorship, legislations, transparency and infrastructure. The questionnaire responses and interviews are then combined through statistical analysis and the list is created.

According to the index, the top-10 press freedom leaders in the world are as follows:

10. Sweden

Also claiming its rank in the top-10 most peaceful countries in the world, Sweden is in the 10th position in press freedom. Of course this is not it. In the national income per capita index, Sweden is again in the top-10.

Press Freedom
Sweden: We were just bored and created curling…

9. Iceland

Iceland, where there is already no social disruption, is unsurprisingly in the top-10 in press freedom although it is not close to their success in the Global Peace Index, where they lead the world.

Press Freedom
Iceland: We don’t let you know but Reykjavik is a terrific place…

8. New Zealand

New Zealand, famous for its sheep and amazing nature, gives its press a sufficient amount of freedom.

Press Freedom
New Zealand: Our sheep look like this, and only this…

7. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein, whose national soccer team is usually mocked at for having players from various professions, outrank 172 countries in press freedom.

Press Freedom
Liechtenstein – Vaduz Castle: We sent our prince to the mountains, now we’re free…

6. Denmark

Strange enough, Denmark is in almost every top-10 list. Top-10 peaceful countries, top-10 rich countries, top-10 free countries… Despite the fact that it could give one the impression that they’re running their country to be in such lists, it only shows Denmark is a perfect country to live in.

Press Freedom
Denmark: Like a boss…

5. Andorra

This tiny country hidden between France and Spain, which most people are not aware of, there are no people to dictate you “what” to publish. You publish what you want, those who don’t like it read something else, and that’s all…

Press Freedom
Andorra: Beautiful view, free speech, what could one want more? 

4. Luxembourg

Money, architecture, freedom… In almost every top-10 list like Denmark, Luxembourg is hard to be challenged.

Press Freedom
Luxembourg: I’ll lean to my right side for a while, we’re a free country after all… 

3. Norway

Being recently on the world stage with the video “the freezing kid at the bus stop” and the absolute subject of a lot of schmoose like “They refuse the EU”, Norway doesn’t surprise us with its huge success on press freedom.

Press Freedom
Norway: We don’t have any problem, so why don’t we built great cities? 

2. Holland

Imagine a country where you can watch porn on public TV channels and the Christian Democrats who criticize this are given the answer “They could switch it off if they don’t want to see…” Light drugs are free to consume, prostitutes have unions and gay marriage is officially recognized. Would it surprise you that this country is among the world leaders of press freedom?

Press Freedom
Holland: Are you still talking about press freedom? In the year 2014?

1. Finland

There’s not much to say about Finland, the masters of education. Apparently the blonde and calm people of this country can take even the most severe criticism lightly, judging by the fact that they’re the world leaders of press freedom. Envy is the feeling right here…

Press Freedom
Finland: Did you know that nobody would care if you screamed “Screw you PM” from this hill?

I’ve deliberately left the big shots like USA, France, Germany or UK to the end of this article so that you could make your guesses. United States of America has the 32nd place in the index, not bad, eh? France, on the other hand, happens to be the 37th in press freedom. Germany is the 17th and the UK is the 29th. And these are all below Jamaica (13th) and Czech Republic (16th). The rank of your country is yours to comment, please share it with us…

If you’d like to know about the top-10 most peaceful countries in the world, please follow the link.

World Leaders in Press Freedom
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World Leaders in Press Freedom
World Leaders in Press Freedom

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