The Best Ski Resorts of 2014

The Best Ski Resorts of 2014 – World Ski Awards

The best ski resorts of 2014 have recently been announced at the A-ROSA Kitzbühel, Austria by World Ski Awards, owned by World Travel Events Ltd. The winners of 2014 were presented their awards with a huge ceremony between 21-23 November 2014. Before coming to the winners, though, let’s have a look at the identity and the brief history of World Ski Awards.

Launched in 2013, World Ski Awards was started by World Travel Events Ltd. for the betterment of ski tourism standards and providing more publicity for the companies which succeed in winter tourism sector. As a response to the increasing demand for winter tourism as well as the demand from industry experts, World Ski Awards came into being. Since then, winter tourism industry experts as well as consumers come together so it would not be wrong to state that World Ski Awards has the crucial role of establishing connection between the consumers and suppliers of winter tourism.

In order to have a clearer grasp of the selection procedures of the winners, it is necessary to have a look at the voting system of World Ski Awards.

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World Ski Awards has a strict voting process that has two sides, votes from the public and votes from industry experts.

To vote as ‘the public’, you need to be over 13 years of age and if you work for World Travel Events Ltd, you are not allowed to vote. In order to vote, you can simply sign up on the web site of World Ski Awards, look for the nominees and click on ‘Vote Now’.

Winter tourism industry experts, on the other hand, need to sign up with their company e-mails (i.e so that they can vote. Personal e-mail accounts are not accepted for the expert way of voting. Yet again, ‘not working for WTE’ is a strict requirement for this type of voting.

And since the awards have been given for 2 years only, it could be a good idea to have a look at the Best Ski Resorts of 2013.


  • Best Ski Resort in the World – Val Thorens, France
  • Best Ski Hotel in the World  – Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch, USA
  • Best Ski Boutique Hotel in the World – Aurelio Lech, Austria
  • Best Ski Chalet in the World – Big Horn, Revelstoke, Canada
  • Contribution to Ski Tourism Award – Dr. Josef Burger (CEO, Bergbahn Kitzbühel)

In the initial year of World Ski Awards, there were 5 categories only. However, this year there are even more categories (8) so we have a better idea about the leaders of ski tourism.


As mentioned above, the number of the categories in World Ski Awards have been increased this year. Now that we have dealt with most of the topics related to the ski tourism awards, we can safely have a look at the winners of this year.

The Best Ski Travel Agent In The World

The Best Ski Travel Agent In The World - Leo Trippi

Based in Switzerland, Leo Trippi has a long long history of luxury travel, winter tourism specifically. Founded in 1882, Leo Trippi also organizes summer trips, including numerous luxury details like villas or yachts. Operating in a lot of cities in and around Switzerland as well as international destinations, Leo Trippi, with its ‘tradition’ of winter tourism, seems to deserve the title ‘The Best Ski Travel Agent’.

The Best Ski Tour Operator In The World

The Best Ski Tour Operator in the World - Crystal Ski Holidays

Crystal Ski Holidays is quite an expert when it comes to winter tourism. One of the leading companies of the sector since its foundation in 1981, Crystal Ski has been offering great packages to its customers in a wide range of countries from Finland to Bulgaria. Also providing its customers with useful info on the destination, being skiing-related or not, the company has a huge social existence through which you can join a large number of skiers. In 2014, the company well-deservedly claims the title ‘The Best Ski Tour Operator’.

The Best Ski Resort Company In The World

The Best Ski Resort Company In The World - Bergbahn Kitzbühel

With 170 km descents classified as easy, medium and difficult, Bergbahn Ag Kitzbühel is a huge company in Austria that literally runs the economy in Kitzbühel region. The company in total has 51 cable cars and lifts with a carriage capacity of 91,000 people per hour. Bergbahn Kitzbüchel has 30 personnel only for the task of mountain rescuing. Having also artificial tracks, the company is rewarded the title of ‘The Best Ski Resort Company In The World’ in 2014 by World Ski Awards.

The Best ‘New’ Ski Chalet In The World

The Best New Ski Chalet In The World - Chalet Quezac

Located in Tignes Les Brevieres, France, Chalet Quezac is perfectly situated on the top of a hill, providing its visitors the perfect scenery. The chalet is also able to provide a 4×4 SUV for its visitors to reach the slopes. The rooms of Chalet Quezac are equipped with 3D TV’s and en-suite bathrooms, decorated with alluring paintings. Also having a children’s hideaway, the chalet offers its facilities to families, too. The large living room of the facility has a 3D TV with sattelite channels, a DVD player, a bar and fitness equipment, while allowing its visitors to play billiards or table tennis. With all the features Chalet Quezac has to offer, it is not really surprising to see the chalet with the title ‘The Best New Ski Chalet In The World’.

The Best Ski Chalet In The World

The Best Ski Chalet In The World - Bighorn Revelstoke

The Big Horn Revelstoke, Canada was rewarded with the title ‘The Best Ski Chalet In The World’ in 2014 World Ski Awards. The chalet also has the quality of being a heliski lodge which offers premium private accommodation to its visitors. There are numerous opportunities for skiers from Snowcat Skiing to Lift Skiing, which makes the facility unique among others. Also able to provide private chefs for the visitors, Big Horn Revelstoke makes it well worth going there.

The Best Ski Boutique Hotel In The World

The Best Ski Boutique Hotel In The World - The Vale Niseko

The Best Ski Boutique Hotel In The World this year is ‘The Vale Niseko‘ in Niseko, Japan. At the heart of an 8.5 million m² ski area with powder terrain, The Vale Niseko offers its visitors bathrooms with Alpine panaroma as well as thermal saunas and pools. Situated right on a ski run, the facility’s penthouse with 300 degrees of panorama pleases the distinguished visitors with a stunning view. The hotel also has the first rooms in Niseko with air conditioning.

The Best Ski Hotel In The World

The Best Ski Hotel In The World - Stein Eriksen Lodge

A Five-Star Ski Hotel in Utah, USA, Stein Eriksen Lodge takes its name from the Olympic skier Stein Eriksen. The 180 rooms of the hotel have a Norwegian&American style and the facility is equipped with a world-class restaurant as well as a huge spa. Each room has wireless Internet and a jetted bathtub, and services within Stein Eriksen include a gym, a health club, pools and laundry service. All the luxury and impeccable service are what makes Stein Eriksen Lodge ‘The Best Ski Hotel In The World’.

The Best Ski Resort In The World 

The Best Ski Resort In The World - Val Thorens

Having a number of titles such as 2013 World And France Best Ski Resort, 2013 Most Improved European Resort and 2014 Best European Ski Resort, Val Thorens, once again, claims the title ‘The Best Ski Resort In The World’. As a matter of fact, the ongoing success of Val Thorens is a result of its 40 years of experience. The resort has 600 kilometers of total runs (the largest ski area in the world) and it is also known as the ‘highest-altitude resort in Europe’. There are countless skiing events as well as other kinds of amusement and health events within Val Thorens, and even after 40 years, the resort seems like it is going to attract a lot of visitors for a long while.


The next meeting of World Ski Awards, where the next year’s winners will be announced, is to be held from 20 – 22 November 2015 in A-ROSA Kitzbühel in Austria. If you missed the chance to vote for 2014, make sure you sign up to vote for the best ski resorts of 2015!

The details related to World Ski Awards and regional winners can be found on Don’t forget to have a look at the ‘World’s Best Beaches‘ as entitled by World Travel Awards.


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The Best Ski Resorts In The World
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The Best Ski Resorts In The World
The Best Ski Resorts In The World

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