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The EcoTripSos Christmas Photo Contest

Merry Christmas

Here we are, with another photo contest with a prize you can’t refuse! 

We know we’re far far away for most of you, but this shouldn’t mean we can’t give you Christmas gifts!

We know you took a lot of photos in and around the Christmas, so why don’t you share them with us?


Christmas Photo Contest


The Prize

You don’t have a blog to advertise? Then expect an authentic item to be sent to you as a gift from the old city of Edirne, which served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire for 90 years, something you cannot find anywhere in the world but Edirne!

Wonder how?

Just sign up to EcoTripSos using the button on the right top of the page, add your best photo with a Christmas theme, add a description and that’s it!

Three photos that have ‘likes’ by the end of the contest will be announced as the WINNERS! 

The contest ends on 16 February 2015, so make sure you participate until then!

Christmas Ornaments

Technical How-to:

1. Sign up with your e-mail address and a password will be e-mailed to you.

2. Log-in with the information provided. Change your password if you’d like.

3. Click on your user name and choose “add post”.

4. Upload your image in the first area present (attach image).

5. Type a title for your post.

6. Scroll down and use the “add media” button to insert your photo into your post.

7. Add a description of 150-500 words.

8. Type some tags related to your content.

9. Submit content.

Bonus: There’s a “source” section in which you can type your own web site to promote it.

“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.”

Dalai Lama XIV

So here are some rules for the sake of fair play:

1. Photos submitted should be followed by a description of 150 – 500 words. Please upload 640×480 photos and use the “Travel Notes” category to send your post.

2. In the description part, you can introduce yourself and the setting, followed by a description of the scene as for the people or objects around, how they feel, how you feel…

3. Multiple photo submissions are allowed (as different posts).

4. The composition within the photograph is totally up to you, there are no restrictions. You can include yourself as the subject, or just upload a photo that you have taken.

5. “Like” button will be used for voting. The use of “Dislike” buttons will not be counted.

6. Three photographs that have the highest number of likes will be the winners.

7. The winners will be promoted on the front page of EcoTripSos for a day and their blogs will be advertised (125×125 ad space on the sidebar) for 30 consecutive days (until 15 February 2015, 23:59 GMT +2). If the winner(s) is a member without a personal blog, they can promote their social media profiles or receive an authentic Edirne (Turkey) item as the prize.

The sidebar is visible on all the pages of EcoTripSos.

8. The script that we use accepts only 1 “like” per person. Fraudulent “likes” will be disregarded.

9. Having family members or friends like a particular post is allowed.

10. If one person with three photo submissions becomes the only winner, s/he can have all the ad spaces for himself/herself or share them with another member that s/he chooses.

In the case of sharing, the member that the winner will share the ad spaces with is required to have participated in the contest.

11. We have organized this contest because we love getting to know other bloggers (yeah, this means we love you, too!) and we are more than pleased to support your work!

Good Luck

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