Christmas in Hawaii

Christmas in Hawaii

christmas in hawaii

Hi everyone!

My name is Toya, and I had an amazing opportunity to spend Christmas 2014 in the beautiful state of Hawaii!  It was unlike anything I had ever experienced on Christmas Day. The weather was amazing, warm and sunny. People were walking around, out and about like it was a regular, business-as-usual day. Most stores and restaurants were open for business and the beach was over crowded with people from all walks of life. I couldn’t ask for a happier, vibrant, & fun-filled Christmas day. This entire experience was the polar opposite of what I’m used to at home. I’m from Detroit, Michigan, where it’s usually cold with snow on the ground during the holiday season. It was quite refreshing to bask in the sunny atmosphere of Honolulu to say the very least. My photo was taken on Christmas Day on Wakiki Beach in Honolulu. I traded in my Santa hat for a floral hair clip and a lei around my neck. I wanted to embrace the Hawaiian spirit by wearing something that more suitably represented the Hawaiian culture. If I could enjoy Christmas like this every year I would! However, I would like for my immediate family to join me in the future.

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