Causes of crime and the countries with the lowest crime rates

Causes of Crime and The Countries With The Lowest Crime Rates

Although crime means a lifestyle for (fortunately) a small percentage of the human population, it is a concept that we should avoid, prevent and stay away from for most of us. Dictionaries define crime as an “action against the law” [1]. As stated in the definition, the history of crime, whose limits are set by laws, begins with the history of humanity, unfortunately.

Humanity has been fighting against crime for centuries, but it is still not possible to talk about a universal law due to the fact that there are hundreds of definitions of “crime” in hundreds of countries. For instance, while some countries forbid the consumption of alcoholic beverages, some may even set drug use free. Or while, in most countries, you can freely have your passport and travel the world, in some others, you cannot even leave your city in legal ways, let alone the country.

Of course the examples above are from the edges of “laws” and they change according to their country. On the other hand, crimes like theft, assault, rape or homicide result in the heaviest punishment everywhere across the world.

So what makes people commit a crime?

As you may guess, the causes of crime have been researched for a long long while. Even though a lot of theories have been put forward so far as for the causes of crime, some of them, which succeeded in being called a “theory” since they were proven scientifically, are as follows [2]:

Classical Theory

In criminology, classical theory argues that individuals commit crimes with their free will, by deciding to do this consciously. In that respect, crime is seen as an immoral activity which weakens the society.

Psycho-biological Theory

According to the psycho-biological stance as to the causes of crime, human behavior is determined predominantly by genetic factors. Given that genetic features are inherited, the psycho-biological theory suggests that criminal behavior may be inherited from forefathers. Furthermore, according to this theory, DNA, environmental contaminants, physical trauma (especially brain) and body chemistry are among the factors resulting in criminal behavior.

Crime Scene Do Not Cross

Sociological Theory

As its name suggests, sociological theory in criminology puts social environment in the forefront when it comes to the factors driving humans into committing crime. Apart from that, it adds that weak family or school bonds, as well as religious bonds, may result in criminal behavior. Another cause of crime, according to this theory, is the desire to elevate one’s self socially through crime.

Interactionist Theory

The interactionist theory of criminology defends that the first and foremost reason to be involved in criminal activity is to be interacting with other criminals. This situation is even more stronger among individuals with weaker social roles.

However and naturally, the quality of life in a particular country is not limited to crime rates. Feel free to have a look at the most peaceful countries in the world by clicking on the link. Travelers and backpackers may find the causes of crime a bit boring, of course, since one wouldn’t normally think about the causes of crime one s/he’s subject to a picpocketing event. Then let’s stop talking about criminology theories and have a look at the countries with the lowest crime rates, according to Numbeo data [3].

10. United Arab Emirates 

Lowest Crime Rates 10 - United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates, a monarchy with a population of 9.346 million, is the 10th country with the lowest crime rates, according to Numbeo data. In the country where Islamic law is applied, flogging is a common punishment in that a muslim consuming alcohol is punishable by 80 flogs, or an act of premarital sex is punishable by 100 flogs. The news of a woman stoned to death for committing adultery was also among the news recently [4].

9. South Korea

Lowest Crime Rates 9 - South Korea

Founded once the Korean Peninsula was divided by half in 1948, South Korea is a country with “ideal measurements” in many aspects. According to Numbeo data, South Korea is the 9th country where crime rates are the lowest and the country is also the 29th richest country in the world, as well as being among the top 10 in the most peaceful countries. South Korea is the 22nd country when it comes to the lowest intentional homicide rates.

8. Georgia

Lowest Crime Rates 8 - Georgia

Having had to fight against Russia for Abhazia and Osetia regions in the recent years, Georgia is the 8th country with the lowest crime rates. The population of the country is approximately 5 million and the residents are predominantly Georgian, Azeri and Armenian. Although all the policemen working for the traffic department (almost 30,000) were fired in 2005 due to corruption [5], Georgia makes it to the top 10 when it comes to the overall crime rates.

7. Montenegro

Lowest Crime Rates 7 - Montenegro

Having become independent from Serbia&Montenegro in 2006, Montenegro is the 7th country with the lowest crime rates according to Numbeo. With a population of only 800,000, Montenegro is a rising country with tourism and biodiversity. Although the intentional homicide rates put the country in the 76th position, overall crime rates seem to be quite low in Montenegro.

6. Hong Kong

Lowest Crime Rates 6 - Hong Kong

Basically an autonomous reigion within China, Hong Kong freed itself from British rule in 1997. The country (region?) is now the 6th in the world when it comes to the lowest crime rates. The country, which has a population of 7,234,000, is entirely independent from China in legal issues, since it still uses the British Common Law. Hong Kong, where there is no capital punishment, is also the 6th country in the world with the lowest intentional homicide rates.

5. Singapur

Lowest Crime Rates 5 - Singapore

A little bit to the south of Malaysia, Singapore is among both the richest and the safest countries in the world. Actually, the country is the 5th one with the lowest crime rates. Also ruled under the British Common Law with some local differences, courts of law in Singapore don’t have the trial by jury tradition. With a population of 5,469,700, Singapore is the 3rd country in the world with the lowest intentional homicide rates.

4. Rwanda

Lowest Crime Rates 4 - Kigali

It is actually quite surprising to see Rwanda towards the top of this list. But when you look at the OECD crime reports, you can see that Rwanda really has low-moderate crime rates, which are most frequently non-violent. Although the 12 million African country has to struggle with a lot of economic challenges, Rwanda is the 4th country in the world with the lowest crime rates. But still, mind you, when you check out the scarcity of intentional homicide rates, the country can make it only to the 200th place. Numbeo’s data is in deed quite confusing at this point.

3. Malta

Lowest Crime Rates 3 - Malta

Located between Italy and Tunisia, the closer-to-Africa EU country of Malta is the 3rd country in the world where crime rates are at their lowest. In the country where Maltese and English are spoken, the population is approximately 450,000. Having a modern legal system, Malta is the 79th country when it comes to the scarcity of intentional homicides.

2. Japan

Lowest Crime Rates 2 - Japan

A centre of peace in Asia along with South Korea, Japan is the 2nd country in the world where crime rates are the lowest. The 28th richest country in the world with a population of 126 million, Japan has quite a traditional lifestyle. However, in the recent years, the Japanese legal system has started to borrow from EU laws (especially Germany) heavily. Japan is also quite a safe country in terms of intentional homicides, being the 4th country in the world as for their scarcity.

1. Isle of Man (UK)

Lowest Crime Rates 1 - Isle of Man

Having a fantastic flag, Isle of Man is actually a part of the United Kingdom, ruled by Queen Elizabeth II. Located between Ireland and England (also called the Irish Sea), the island is “the” country with the lowest crime rates, according to numbeo data. Although the country is totally independent in its internal affairs, they’re taken as one in intentional homicide rates, thus becoming the 29th lowest in the world.

As we mentioned above, high above, the livability of a country is not limited to crime, thus you might want to have a look at the countries with the highest quality of life.





4. “Expat faces death by stoning after admitting in court to cheating on husband”.

5. “Georgia’s National Police Corruption Project”. NPR. September 15, 2005.

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