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Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Travel Awards

Business Traveller is a high-rank travel magazine covering a wide range of topics from airlines to city guides, along with the most recent tourism related news. Launched in 1976 in the UK, Business Traveller has 10 editions today, including the UK, US, Asia-Pacific, China, Middle East, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, and Africa.

For the last 23 years, the magazine has been selecting “the best of the bests” in 57 categories, from the best airport to the best in-flight catering.

2014’s winners has recently been announced by the company, revealing the top-notch representatives of each category. The data was collected through subscriber polls.

Although the list is broken down into regions and even cities, let’s have a look at the “best in the world” winners announced by Business Travel [1].

The Best Airport in the World


Changi Airport

Owned by the Government of Singapore and operated by Changi Airport Group, Changi Airport becomes the best airport in the world according to the subscribers of Business Travel.

The Best Duty Free in the World


Incheon Airport

Located in South Korea, Incheon Airport claims the title “the best duty free in the world” 4th time in a row.

The Best Business City in the World


Hong Kong

Having the eighth most traded currency in the world, the Hong Kong Dollar [2], Hong Kong is awarded the title “the best business city in the world.

The Best Business Hotel Brand in the World


Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Owned by the Hyatt Hotels Corporation based in America, Grand Hyatt becomes the best business hotel brand in the world.

The Best Mid-Market Hotel Brand in the World


Holiday Inn Sarajevo

A part of the InterContinental Hotels Group, Holiday Inn claims the title “The Best Mid-Market Hotel Brand in the World”.

The Best Business Hotel in the World


Shangri-La Singapore

Named after a fictional city described by James Hilton in his book Lost Horizons, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore is the best business hotel in the world in 2014.

The detailed results of the poll will be published in the October 2014 issue of the magazine.

Please click on the reference link to see a comprehensive list.



2.  “Triennial Central Bank Survey: Report on global foreign exchange market activity in 2010”Monetary and Economic Department (Bank for International Settlements): 12. December 2010.

Business Traveller Awards / Business Traveller Ödülleri
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Business Traveller Awards / Business Traveller Ödülleri
Business Traveller Awards / Business Traveller Ödülleri

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