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Everyone travels, right. This is not the biggest secret (un)known to mankind. Every person or group has its own why’s and how’s of travelling, but the personal experiences and preferences are only pieces of grit in a beach. For that reason, it is a must for tourism professionals and those who are interested in tourism trends to have a look at serious reports whose data collection methods are academic. 

In order to cover this need, The European Union analyzes a huge amount of data regarding the “Preferences of Europeans Towards Tourism” and publishes the results on the official EU website,, every year. 

The research mainly focuses on discovering the reasons of Europeans for going on holiday, information&organization resources and tools, traveler profiles, popular destinations, holiday types, satisfaction levels and the holiday plans for the next year. 

This year’s research contains the responses given by a number of respondents exceeding 30,000 and the geographical distribution of the responses cover all of the 28 EU Member States, including Turkey, Montenegro, Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Serbia and Israel [1]. 

Traveler Profiles


According to the 2014 results of the study, 70% of Europeans go away for at least one night throughout the year. The percentage is the highest in Norway (90%) and the lowest in Turkey (44%). Above 50% of those who go away for at least one night stay where they go between 4 and 13 nights, while 25% of travelers extend their holidays to a period above 2 weeks. While 44% of those who do not travel believe that money is the main obstacle to travelling, 20% evaluates personal and private reasons to be the major prevention. 

Information – Organization&Coming Back

Thinking man

According to the report, almost half of the travelling Europeans go on a holiday for the sun and beaches while approximately 30% prefer to visit family, friends or relatives. Moreover, natural beauty is the main reason to prefer a holiday destination once again for around half of the Europeans. 

As for the sources of information, a good reference from a friend, colleague or relative is the most important source for the majority of Europeans. However, the Internet as a holiday information source is also quite popular (60%). 

The findings of the report suggest that the country that uses the internet most frequently for travel planning is Norway (80%) and one that uses it the least is Montenegro (19%). 

Where do the Europeans go? 

Road Signs

The findings acquired in the study state that slightly above 40% of the Europeans choose to go on a holiday within their own country. On the other hand, another 40% prefer to go abroad but stay in the EU zone, while 20% of Europeans leave the EU area for their holidays. 

The most popular holiday destinations of the Europeans are Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Austria respectively. 

Where will the Europeans go next year? 

To begin with, around 10% of the Europeans claim that they will not go on a holiday next year due to economic reasons, according to the report. But among those who plan to travel, around 40% expect to spend their holiday in their own country while 30% plan to go on a holiday within the borders of the EU. Those who plan to go outside the EU take up 16% of the participants. 


Apparently, most Europeans prefer not to leave their country for a holiday and those who do it prefer not to leave the EU zone mostly. Only a small percentage of the European travelers leave their continent for a holiday, and this is mainly because of the financial situation in Europe. It looks like hard times await the American or Asian tourism professionals that predominantly target European tourism consumers, which might as well serve as “good news” for the European tourism facilities. 

To see the full “Preferences of Europeans Towards Tourism” report, please click on the reference link. 




EU Holiday Preferences / AB Tatil Tercihleri
Article Name
EU Holiday Preferences / AB Tatil Tercihleri
EU Holiday Preferences / AB Tatil Tercihleri

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