Winter Holiday in Ibiza

Taking a Winter Holiday to Ibiza

Ibiza is the summer club capital, with some of the best raves and music that the world has to offer. So why would anyone want to visit this island during the winter months, when all the bars are closed for the season? The answer may surprise you.

It’s true that the bars and clubs shut down after October (usually Halloween marks the end of the season) but there are many other attractions to this beautiful island that you can enjoy without the crowds and beats. The port in Ibiza Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to it’s numerous links to history which have been preserved upon the island. It also features some of the best preserved natural corals and biodiversity in the Mediterranean. 

Winter Holiday in Ibiza

Stepping Back in Time 

If you’re a history buff then Ibiza during the winter months is likely to be a beautiful retreat, with unique tourist attractions that date back to protohistory. The island of Ibiza was an important trade route between continents and there are plenty of places where you can visit ancient ruins. 

There is also a popular medieval festival that takes place in May. Taking advantage of the old town, the entire area undergoes a transformation, with Middle Age outfits, foods and entertainment replacing the turntables and dance clubs. It’s an immersive experience that is sure to appeal to anyone with a love of history. 

But if you’re looking for something more modern then you don’t have to go back any further than the 20th century. The local Hippy Market is a quick bus or taxi away and was created in 1970. It may be a little more commercial that when it was first created but this is a great opportunity to get yourself some appealing souvenirs. There are a whole host of markets and stalls for you to look around across the entire island and they’re open all year round. 

Weather and Cost 

Whilst you won’t experience the 30 degree highs of the August sunshine by travelling out-of-season, Ibiza still has a mild climate, with even January experiencing temperatures as high as 15 degrees celsius. That’s a mild climate that also experiences very little in the way of rain, perfect for those looking to escape the miserable British winter without having to stray too far from home. 

Plus there’s the huge difference in price. If you’re looking to get yourself accommodation in Ibiza then you can cut the price in half by visiting during winter. And it’s not just where you stay, as costs of visiting Ibiza during the summer are reportedly so expensive that young people simply can’t afford it! Visiting off-season means that your accommodation, meals, drinks, just about anything you can think of will all be at a discount price. 

That said, during the off-season you may find it harder to go out for a casual drink or meal. Many bars undergo heavy renovations during the winter and spring months so are likely to be closed. Restaurants also restrict their opening hours during the slower winter months so you’re likely to need to book advance. Alternatively, you can opt for a self catering holiday and take advantage of the local shops to give yourself a chance to create your own mediterranean flavour. 

Whilst you may have a distinct idea about what kind of place Ibiza is, there is still a flourishing tourist industry that exists completely separately from the clubs and bars. If you’re interested in the unique historical elements of a the island or you want to enjoy the picturesque beauty that has made it a heritage site then during winter and spring are the most affordable times to go!

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