Most Punctual Airlines - August 2014

The Most Punctual Airlines of August

Delays in flights may be quite a big pain in the neck (yeah, neck) and according to the Bureau of Transportation and USA Today, the causes of flight delays and cancellations are as follows [1] [2]: 

1. Maintenance problems

2. Fueling time

3. Problematic weather conditions

4. Airline system errors/problems

5. Too much air traffic

6. Late arrivals

7. Security problems

No matter what the cause is, those delays are well able to disrupt a lot of meetings, dates or whatever the reason why a  particular person travels is. 

In order to give you a good insight of flight delays and the companies whose flights are most frequently delayed, “FlightStats” publish a monthly report focusing on delays in different categories and they have recently published their August report on flight delays, as well as the delay rankings. According to their report, here are the top-5 airlines that delay their flights the least [3]. 

5. SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System)

Scandinavian Airline System

According to FlightStats’s August report, SAS is the 5th global airline whose flights are delayed the least frequently. In August 2014, 87.12% of SAS flights were on time and the average duration of their delays was 4.87 minutes.

4. Jet Airways – India

Jet Airways India

India’s Jet Airways was also among the most punctual airlines in the world in 2014, with 87.24% on-time flights and an average delay duration of 4.81 minutes.

3. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand, whose 53% is owned by the government of New Zealand, is the 3rd most punctual airline in the world in August 2014. 87.37% of their flights were on-time and the delays lasted for 4.61 minutes on average. 

2. JAL (Japan Airlines)

Japan Airlines

The second most punctual airline of the world in 2014 was Japan Airlines with an on-time flight rate of 87.98% and an average delay duration of 4.28 minutes. It looks like it is quite possible to “Fly into Tomorrow” with JAL as their company slogan suggests.

1. Saudia

Saudi Arabia Airlines

Having quite a personalized slogan, “Welcome to your world…“, Saudi Arabian Airlines was the “most punctual airline in the world” in August 2014. 88.73% of all their flights were on-time and the average delay was 5.09 minutes. 

To see the full report, please click on reference 3. 


1. “Understanding the Reporting of Causes of Flight Delays and Cancellations”. Bureau of Transportation.

2. Levin, Alan (December 22, 2007). “Airline glitches top cause of delays”



Most Punctual Airlines / En Dakik Havayolları
Article Name
Most Punctual Airlines / En Dakik Havayolları
Most Punctual Airlines / En Dakik Havayolları

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