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My Home is Your Home: Home Swap

Home swap is a type of vacation that has been used nearly for 10,000 years. It is the home exchange system that allows people to swap their homes and spend their vacations comfortably in a real home. Home swap is never a relationship of purchase, that is, you never pay for the home you’re going to stay in. It wouldn’t be wrong if we said the only cost is your flight ticket.

Home exchange is performed by voluntary people only. You don’t have to swap your home with everyone who requests. Only if you want, can you pack your bag and hit the road!

How can I find a home to swap mine with?

Simple. Online channels show us the way in home swap as they do in otels, hostels or flights. There are numerous web sites or groups that alert people of home swap offers. Following those web sites, it is highly probably to find a home to stay in the country or the city you want.

Once you choose your place, you directly contact the residents by e-mail or phone and talk to them about your request. If they also agree with the terms, you simply swap your homes for a certain period of time.

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If you want your place to be popular…

If you want your home to be a popular one, use a lot of photos and talk about every detail (this should include the negative ones, in my humble opinion). For instance, if you’ve got a warm fireplace at your place, put special emphasis on it. A romantic holiday in front of a fireplace with 2 glasses of wine could be really attractive for couples…

If you have a kid’s room, you can also publish its pictures. This will be preferable especially for families with children. If possible, add the pictures of your child’s toys to your profile. Because it’s not going to be easy for your guests to carry toys across countries.

Fine, but what about the keys?

The key delivery is quite often done by postal service. Before you depart, you send the keys to each other by mail. You can also ask a friend or neighbor to deliver your keys.

Ev Değişimi İle Tatil

Is it safe to home swap?

There is no home swap motivated recorded crime. It is also known that theft is not an issue in this system because you “swap” your homes, which makes both parties to think about safety. Some web sites also provide insurances regarding home swaps. Reimbursements may go up to thousands of dollars. Let’s say you have come to an agreement with someone but the house was burnt down by an unfortunate fire. Such unexpected events can also be reimbursed by home swap insurances.

Little or no damage has been reported in homes sujbect to home swap. Actually most of the time the guests leave you small gifts and a clean home.

Thus, you get involved in a chain of trust and people start preferring you more and more.

With home swapping, you can feel like a local and get the know the culture to its minor local details. You can even have neighbors!

But without a doubt, the most precious side of home swapping is to have a vacation only on a basis of trust, not money! As mentioned above, you temporarily own a new place to live far away from your home, with the sole cost of your transportation!

To sum up, home swapping provides you with the opportunity of a comfortable vacation without charges, giving you chance to greet your new friends and neighbors!

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