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We have discussed what a hostel is and what is not in our previous hostel article. For our readers who have decided to prefer hostels upon reading our article, we felt that it was not enough and thus, we have put the most frequently used hostel search engines under investigation, in a fashion that is suitable to EcoTripSos, that is, to find out which one is the cheapest.

Everybody knows that hostels are the budget accommodation alternatives for backpackers, hitch-hikers or simply those who do not wish to spend a lot on a bed and a pillow. In deed, why would you spend $60 on a city hotel only to sleep and have a shower? Is that really something that a hostel can’t give you? Having these thoughts in mind, in this article, we try to determine the cheapest hostel search engine, based on up-to-date info. You wonder how, right?

hostel arama

While setting our methodology, we felt it was best to follow the strategy an average internet user would. We simply hit ‘Enter’, typing ‘hostel’ in Google search. The results in the first page were,,, and Then we took out of our list due to the fact that it already uses other search engines for the results to be displayed. For that reason, we included, from the second page, to our list.

First of all, let’s compare how much it costs to use those search engines, regardless of the city or hostel you choose. What we mean here is that some hostel search engines make you pay deposits or service costs. Let’s have a look at the list.

Web SiteDepositService Cost
worldbesthostels.com10%€1.5 or $2
hihostels.com6%€1.81 or $2.46

As you see above, the percentages of deposit and the amount of service costs vary in each of these web sites. Since we cannot add currencies to each other, let’s pretend that we want to make a transaction of 100 Dollars. The list below shows how much you need to spend BEFORE you start travelling.        $10            $13    $12                 $0               $8.46

In the first leg of our investigation, comes in first with absolutely no expense. This means that you don’t spend a single dime before arriving at your hotel or make new plans regarding your budget. The rate you get is totally to be paid DURING your holiday, which makes budget planning a bit easier since you know exactly when to spend your money.

hostel arama

Of course, thinking that this will be your only cost item is nothing but a misconception, because as we mentioned above, these are just small percentages of what you must pay plus the service costs. At this point, it is even more necessary to make another comparison, bed rates!!!

In order to compare the rates, we chose Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark Hostel, since this particular hostel is located in Amsterdam (a popular destination) and it is available to be booked on all 5 hostel search engines. Here’s how we make the comparison:

Choosing the exact same dates on all 5 web sites, we get the rates for a 2-night stay. To make sure the rates are up-to-date, we choose the dates that this article was written on (11 Jan 2014). Then we add the service cost on the bed rates, if they exist. Here’s what we’ve got:

 Cost of a 2-night StayService Cost$49.63X$52.13X$40.32$2$49.83X$49.48$2.46

Given the total cost of a 2-night stay at the same hostel on all the hostel search engines, the below list shows how much you spend for the whole stay:         $49.63             $52.13     $42.32                  $49.83                $51.94

When we calculate the total cost as the cost of a 2-night stay plus the service cost, we can see that, which made us feel strange from itself due to the $2 service cost, happens to be giving the most convenient rates. On the other hand, has the highest rates although it doesn’t charge for a service cost. Then let’s announce the winner!

THE OSCAR GOES TO:  worldbesthostels

But don’t miss out on the fact that you need to pay 10% of the total hostel cost plus the service cost DURING your booking by credit card on The rest can be paid when you arrive at your hostel. And please bear in mind that Google search uses complicated algorithms, thus you may not see the same results when you make the same search. Moreover, in this article we have examined just 1 hostel for only 2 days, which means you may have different results if you follow the same method with another hostel and different dates.

As interesting as it is for a hostel to have different rates on different search engines, competition requires it be so, unfortunately. Keeping in mind the limitations of this petty research, we hope we could create a little bit of consciousness on finding the best rates and planning your travel. If you don’t agree with a point, please feel free to comment!!!

The Cheapest Hostel Search Engine / En Ucuz Hostel Arama Motoru

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