8 Strangers Tucked in One Room: Hostels

Hostels… The word actually means ‘dormitory’. Yeah, like the ones you know. But what does a dormitory have to do with travelling? A lot, actually… Imagine a room, with 4 bunk beds in it and 7 people you have no idea who they are… Would you spend your  holiday here? Those whose answer is “no” to this question, just continue reading and have a look at what you are missing!

Hostels are ideal for those who are not bothered by sleeping in the same room with other people. This way, you can always get to know different cultures and make new friends, only for a few Euros!!! Hostels are quite budget-friendly and more importantly, fun! A hostel room makes you feel like you are large family and sleeping in the same room. Yes, you got it right. You sleep in bunk beds, with total strangers!

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Although we’ve said a lot about bunk beds, there are different types of hostel rooms, which you may like to consider.


As the name suggests, private rooms are private, which means no strangers in the same room. But they are a bit more expensive than dorms, naturally. When you book a room, there is generally a fixed price, no matter how many people you have with you. You pay that amount even if you are alone. What’s more, in private rooms you can perfectly deprive yourself of what I like calling as “the hostel spirit”.


Dorm rooms are the ones where people sleep in small groups (sometimes large). When you check in at a hostel, the hostel personnel lets you know how many people you’re staying with. Frankly speaking, this type of rooms are what I call hostels, unlike the private rooms. In other words, this is how you enjoy a hostel! Just hop into your bunk and say “hi” to your new friends!


Again as the name suggest, these type of rooms already tell you with whom you are staying beforehand. Male and female dorms are single-sex rooms, where you cannot have men and women together. If you’re looking for such a thing, you should try mixed rooms, which are mixed (oh, really?).

Breakfast is included in most cases and there’s a bathroom and a kitchen in every floor (except for the private rooms, where you have your own bathroom). These are shared by all the hostel residents. But still, you can pay a few Euros more to have your own bathroom.

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The best part of a hostel is undoubtedly having loads of fun and making loads of new friends. Staying at a hostel is one of the cheapest way of sharing memories with people of different nationalities and getting to know their culture.

With your hostel buddies, you can also organize events. Or even better, your hostel could organize it for you! Together you can have a boat trip or just go diving to explore what is underwater. This will also come back to you as improved language skills, which you will enjoy a lot!

Don’t be afraid since you have to sleep with strangers. All the residents in the hostel are in the same position with you. Still, there are safety precautions to follow. For starters, do not leave your purse/wallet and passport alone in any case. You can carry them with you or hide them to a safe place that only you know. Plus, read our hostel safety guide, in order to have a better hostel safety.

Where do I find a hostel?

Today, there are over 2 million hostels and the numbers are increasing day by day! You can even find hostels that are 100 years old!

Just the way you book a hotel room, you can book your bunk in the hostel of your choice. Another option is to locate the hostel on Google Maps and simply walk-in. 

Briefly, staying at a hostel is the best shot for those who want a budget holiday while sticking to a sociable sort of life. You can always prefer hostels to keep your money in your pocket (they are 8-10 Euros per night) and making 20 new friends you’ll share a lot of memories with!

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