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Hostellerde Güvenlik için Dikkat Edilmesi Gerekenler

Interrail yapan her gencin bir numaralı konaklama tercihi hosteller. Daha önce hostel yazımızda konuyu detaylı bir şekilde açıklamıştık. Bize göre oldukça samimi yerler olan hostel[...]

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What Makes a Bad Hostel?

Hostels... One of the most fun and economic accommodation alternatives... Giving us a lot of new friends, may be even travel companions, hostels are always in the top-3 list of tra[...]

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Hostel Safety in 10 Steps

Hostels are the number one preference of any young person who does Interrail. Previously, we have covered the hostel issue in detail. Being quite fun places, hostels may raise ques[...]

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The Cheapest Hostel Search Engine

We have discussed what a hostel is and what is not in our previous hostel article. For our readers who have decided to prefer hostels upon reading our article, we felt that it was [...]

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8 Strangers Tucked in One Room: Hostels

Hostels... The word actually means 'dormitory'. Yeah, like the ones you know. But what does a dormitory have to do with travelling? A lot, actually... Imagine a room, with 4 bunk b[...]