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The Ice Hotels of The World

Ice, snow and cold everywhere you touch… Would you really want to spend your holiday in such a place? If your answer to this question is a definite “No”, think again, because some people work really hard to make you enjoy yourself in icy surroundings. That’s right, they build ice hotels, over and over again each year…

Typically, an ice hotel is made of ice and compacted snow held together with a material called snice, which acts as mortar within the structure. Steel frames may be used in some hotels, too. The word snice, although it sounds like something technical, is only a combination of “snow” and “ice”, so it’s nothing chemical.

But what about hot summers? Well, ice hotels simply cease to exist in summers, because they melt! This means they’re rebuilt every year, providing quite a sustainable field of work.

Where is this ice hotel?

Well, to start with, I have to tell you that there is not only one ice hotel in the world. Ice hotels are built every year in Sweden, Norway, Canada, Japan and Romania. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

The Ice Hotel, Sweden

Ice Hotel

Rooms in Ice Hotel, Sweden

Located in a small village, Jukkasjärvi, the ice hotel has been operating from December to April since 1989. Torne River, which is close to the facility provides the builders with enough ice, even to make the glasses for the bar. All the rooms, beds, columns and sculptures you can predominantly see in the lobby are entirely made of ice and snow. Around 100,000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow are used to build the hotel every year and when it melts down, approximately 1,000 tons of ice are left, which is also for the construction of the next year’s ice hotel. The rate for a night is generally around $300.

Alpha Resort Tomamu, Japan

Ice Hotel

Dining in the Ice Hotel, Japan

In Shimukappu village on Hokkaido island, the Alpha Resort Tomamu builds and operates an ice hotel every year from January to March. Just like the one in Sweden, everything is made of ice in this hotel and the guests have to eat in an ice dining room with chairs made of ice. But don’t worry, all the chairs have sheepskin for you to sit on. In the Japanese ice hotel, the rate for a night changes between $600 and $900.

Hôtel de Glace (Ice Hotel), Canada

Ice Hotel

Perfect decoration in the Ice Hotel, Canada

Since the New Year’s Day of 2001, Canadians run their own Ice Hotel in Charlesbourg, 5 km north of Quebec city and the operation of the hotel lasts for 3 months every year, from January to April. The hotel has 51 double beds and the only heated area in the building is the bathrooms sector, which happens to be in a separate structure. Built with a special type of snow produced mechanically, the hotel is made of 30,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice. The cost of stay per person is usually around $250.

Hotel of Ice, Romania

Ice Hotel

The Ice Church, Hotel of Ice, Romania

Operating at an altitude of 2034 meters, Hotel of Ice is the first ice hotel of Eastern Europe, but since it is not so easy to reach that hotel, one has to use the cable cars to go there. Like the other ice hotel, this one also is open from December to April, or early May at its latest. And the 14 rooms that the hotel has are almost always occupied, so one should pre-book in order to stay. Another interesting thing about this hotel is that it has a church within the facility, that is totally made of ice. For those who like skiing or snow biking. Hotel of Ice is the perfect cut. You can stay there for approximately $130.

Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway

Ice Hotel

A large room from Kirkenes Snow Hotel

In order to reach Kirkenes Snow Hotel, you need to go to the easternmost town in Norway, close to Russia. Relatively small with 20 rooms, the hotel has been in operation since 2006, when it was built and decorated by Finnish and Japanese artists. Using a natural insulator, which is snow, the hotel administration manages to keep the temperature around -5 degrees Celcius, even if it is -30 outside! You can just go visit the hotel for $25 or stay for a night for $400!

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway

Ice Hotel

Amazing lobby, Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

Situated in the Finnmark region of Norway, Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is the northernmost hotel in Europe and it’s been rebuilt every year since 2000. The hotel has 30 rooms and various ice sculptures as usual. Along with the rooms, guests can enjoy the ice bar, the ice gallery or pray in the ice chapel and like any other ice hotel, they have to sleep in sleeping bags. The price for a visit is $25 and for a stay is $350.

So, these are all the ice hotels in the world. It sounds kind of scary, I know, but it is definitely worth a try, at least once in a life time!

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The Ice Hotels of The World / Buzdan Yapılmış Oteller
The Ice Hotels of The World / Buzdan Yapılmış Oteller

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