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15 Safety Tips for Interrail and Balkan Flexipass

In our articles Interrail and Balkan Flexipass, we have attempted to cover the basics for starters. This article is about safety precautions to help making your rail tour experience even better. Basically, ‘pre’ means ‘before’, which means you have to take them ‘before’ you start your journey. This way you can eliminate potential problems ‘before’ they happen. Mind you, most of you guys will have NO PROBLEM whatsoever. What we do here is just a reminder…

Interrail - Balkan Flexipass Güvenliği

1. Have a travel insurance. If you need a visa, the consulate will already ask for it. But even if you are a non-visa national, have a travel insurance policy, just in case. In the case of an accident or illness, this is all you need in another country.

2. Divide and conq… Nope, not that one… Divide your money! Yeah, do not carry all your money in the same place. Keep a large amount of your money, along with your passport, in your “safest place”. Have in your purse/wallet only enough to spend for the day. This way you’ll have to transfer money from your safe place to your wallet quite frequently. Do not make it a public event.

3. Keep your valuables close to your body at all costs. If you prefer to sleep on the streets or in parks, tucking your valuable into the end of your sleeping bag may seem safe. However, it is really easy to cut off your sleeping bag and steal your possessions as you sleep. Keep your belongings close to your body, around your neck.

Interrail - Balkan Flexipass Güvenliği

4. Make a list of your important documents and carry it with you. Passport number, Interrail pass number, booking print-outs… Make a list of all the important documents (I would save it in my smartphone, if i were you). This way you can let the authorities know what exactly they are looking for, in the case of losing them or having them stolen. This will speed up the procedure. 

5. Keep your documents inside your backpack, in one of the inside pockets. The most important documents should be on you at all times, alright, but even those of secondary importance should not be left around. Keep them in the inside pockets of your backpack. Easy to organize and hard to steal or lose…

6. Take a few combination locks with you. As we mentioned in our hostel safety article, do carry 1-2 combination locks during your travel. Because throughout your travel you’ll be in crowded places and feel the need to check your stuff’s status quite often. You can lock your bag, shoes or boots when necessary, increasing the safety level.

Interrail - Balkan Flexipass Güvenliği

7. Have at least 1 waterproof bag with you. As mentioned above, you’ll be in crowded places all the time and use shared bathrooms. If there is noone or nowhere you can leave your bag, put your passport and other valuables into a waterproof bag and take it with you to shower. Apart from these, it can also prove useful under the rain. You don’t want your passport to get wet, right?

8. Use train station lockers frequently. Especially for day-trips in cities, rent a locker for 3-5 Euros. This will save you from the burden of carrying your huge backpack all around, while keeping your valuables at a safe location.

9. Don’t take anything from stranger while crossing borders. Actually this one is not only about Interrail or Balkan Flexipass. Even at airports, officials approach and ask people if they have taken anything from someone they don’t know. DON’T! Because you never know what’s inside the box they gave you, and trust me, if you get caught at a border with a box full of illegal stuff, the guy who gave it to you doesn’t know you.

Interrail - Balkan Flexipass Güvenliği

10. Stay away from dangerous looking places. Another important issue you need to bear in mind is, don’t do it abroad, if you don’t do it in your home country. Would you go to dark suburban streets in your hometown? If the answer is no, stick to your answer abroad as well. Remember, there are criminal activities in all countries, no matter how developed they are.

11. Don’t lend money to your new friends. Although a small chance, think twice while lending money to the people you have recently met. Especially if you’re on a limited and strictly planned budget… Because in the smallest misfortune, you can never get your money back, let alone any potential evil intention. Don’t lend, stay relaxed. 

12. Don’t show off your fancy electronics. Again something we have mentioned in the hostel safety article… Not having your classy camera or iPhone 5s with its pink cover around too much may prove an easy safety precaution for travellers. Just don’t tempt people…

13. Call the authorities immediately in case of emergency. No matter how many precautions you take, losses and thefts occur when they are expected the least. If something like that happens, call your friends or family in your home country. Most GSM operators will send you the number of your embassy in a particular country once you cross the border, so call them too. And use your “valuables list”. This is the right time.


14. Don’t get too drunk. Mind you, you’re in a “foreign” country and losing your consciousness due to alcohol may increase your chances of meeting “the unexpected” multiple times. “The unexpected” doesn’t have to be criminalistic in nature. Simply forgetting your mobile somewhere, or giving the taxi driver 50 Euros instead of 5 could be very frustrating. Drink responsibly! 

15. Just say “No”. Don’t stay in somewhere you don’t like. Don’t stay with people that make you uncomfortable. Just say “No” if you receive an offer that you don’t approve.

Thousands of young people finish their Interrail and Balkan Flexipass adventures every year, without any problem whatsoever. They come back home with unforgettable memories, let alone any problems. Still, a few precautions can save you from a lot of trouble, making your travel experience even better. For that reason, EcoTripSos – Budget Travel Guide says ‘Safety First’ and wishes you a nice holiday.

Interrail ve Balkan Flexipass Güvenliği / Interrail and Balkan Flexipass Safety
Article Name
Interrail ve Balkan Flexipass Güvenliği / Interrail and Balkan Flexipass Safety
Interrail ve Balkan Flexipass Güvenliği / Interrail and Balkan Flexipass Safety

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