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10 Interrail (Eurail) Tips To Ease the Life!

In a previous article of ours, we have tried to clarify what Interrail is, what it is not and how it is done. We hope that you have found it useful. So, you have read the article, raised to the bait and you are most certainly doing Interrail this summer, all you need is 3 buddies, right? Definitely! You have bought your ticket, you already don’t need a visa, is it done yet? Of course not! There are things you need to consider in order not to turn your Interrail experience into one of a ranger’s or a homeless’. Informing you about such stuff is what EcoTripSoS – Budget Travel Guide does! Without further ado, let’s take a look at our Interrail tips.

1. Plan everything.

Yeah, where to go, how much time to spend, what time to wake up… Plan everything! Actually I am basically opposed to being a precise traveller (Once I was quite confused where to go and ended up in Macedonia.), but Interrail is a time&budget thing. You have to be in your final destination when your pass expires and this is by no means flexible. For that reason, take your laptop and plan everything, preferrably on MS Excel to keep it in your smartphone. More importantly, stick to your plan.

Interrail Bütçenize Dikkat!

2. Set your budget carefully, do not ‘reset’ it while travelling. 

Again with MS Excel… Or an open source equivalent… Set your maximum for each expenditure item that you’ll face during Interrail. For instance, set 15 Euros for a night at a hostel and stick to your limits. Relax, you will not have any troubles if you do this rationally. In addition, you can literally hide some money in your backpack and forget about it. This would be for emergencies and it could save your life when ‘the unexpected’ arises. But what do these have to do with Excel?

Here’s the thing, if your budget is really limited, it is up to your planning skills to make it last till your final day of travelling. Using simple formula on the software, you can carry your financial details with you all the time, thanks to your smartphone. If you notice that you have run out of your budget for the day, you can cancel your order immediately and run away from that German blondie so that you won’t have to pay the bill!

Hafif Seyahat Edin!

3. Travel light!

Forget this not, you are ‘interrailing’. Not a fashion contestant! Trust me, locals don’t even care about how cool your clothes look!

Seriously, you’ll be walking a lot and your backpack will get heavier (like a ranger, eh?). What’s more, carrying your backpack everywhere you go is not a good idea. For cold nights (some nights are damn cold in some parts of Europe), just one piece of long-sleeved clothing and a pair of jeans will do the trick for a whole month. It is not necessary to change your t-shirt everyday, use a stick deodorant, make it lighter! You can already have a shower and use the laundry facilities wherever you go. Paying only 5-10 Euros for these can save you a lot of energy. If you want to experience the night life, a simple dress that does not require heavy ironing will be more than enough!

4. Ask for help! 

When you arrive at a certain city, do ask for a city map from the receptionist of your hotel/hostel. That’s what they do, for sure they have one! This way, you won’t be strolling around aimlessly but march decisively towards hot spots! And it is going to worth it!

Pusula Kullanın!

5. Use a compass!

A super-simple and super-useful tool that starters never think of, compass! Here’s how to use it: At places like train station, the hostel you’re staying at or a huge square, you just take it out and check the direction. If you think you may not remember it, you simply take a note and never get lost during your trip!

Still, there may be some people among you (like myself) who are fond of getting lost. I will have to exclude them from this item. There were days I deliberately left my city map at home when I was in London and this way I was able to see places that my host had never seen! At least this is what he said to me. Getting lost sometimes may lead to loads of fun!

6. Keep an eye on alternative means of transportation.

In some cities, you may have to skip some sights for there are no trains in those directions. Do not hesitate to check the alternatives in such cases. When are you ever going to Interrail again?

7. Reserve your seat in advance!

During the high season, especially in popular cities, finding a seat in the trains may be quite a challenge. What you should do is to book your seat for your departure, the first thing after your arrive! Mind you, I am not saying “buy it”, it’s Interrail after all.

Islak Mendil Çok Mühim!

8. Carry wet towels with you! 

If you live in one of the countries where people have a small tap in their toilets (Turkey, Tunisia, parts of Kosovo), you may feel a little bit disappointed upon discovering toilets in Europe do not have those taps! Have you wet towels ready when you need to answer the call of nature. It does help…

9. Take a smaller backpack, too! 

This one is as important as the wet towel issue. It is not wise to carry your backpack everywhere you go and your pockets will not be enough in most cases. Having another backpack that is small and soft (so that it could be tucked in to your backpack when necessary) will help you enjoy your city tour, having your important items with you all times.

ISIC - Öğrenci Kimlik Kartı

10. Get an ISIC – Student Card!

I hear you say “Wtf is that?”. These days I keep on hearing you say something… EcoTripSos is actually based on hearing you say. This card we mention is a simple student ID, with a huge difference. It makes people treat you as a student in 120 countries, 45.000 spots! This means discount tickets, museum entrances and student events! Visit for the details! Graduate and PhD students, sorry guys… You CAN get it too!!!

As we always say, just relax… An unforgettable holiday awaits and trust me, even if you can’t speak a foreign language, don’t have a place to stay or even if you don’t have any money, you will get it right! Just enjoy this beautiful experience and collect your most memorable experiences one by one!

You’ve got something to add? Just contact us and we’ll publish them!!!

Hayatınızı Kolaylaştıracak 10 Interrail İpucu! / 10 Interrail Tips to Ease the Life!
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Hayatınızı Kolaylaştıracak 10 Interrail İpucu! / 10 Interrail Tips to Ease the Life!
Interrail tecrübesini kolaylaştıracak 10 temel ipucu! / 10 Tips to Ease your Interrail Experience!

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