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Let’s Interrail This Summer!

From what I’ve seen, more and more students quote the title of this article as the summer approaches. An Interrail holiday (Eurail for overseas travellers) is something that most of the young people dream of but cannot take the liberty of, while the lucky ones who have already completed at least one Interrail tour plan the next one. Obviously, it is done by train and the rest of the details happen to be the subject of a lot of interrogative sentences. Therefore, EcoTripSos – Budget Travel Guide needs to write about the qualities of the aforementioned subjects.

Let’s begin with a brief description. Interrail or International Rail (Eurail for overseas visitors!!!) is a railway travelling program which provides people (especially those who are under 26) with budget travel opportunities. The age issue has to be mentioned because there are fixed fares in Interrail and only if you are under 26 years of age can you buy a ticket with 50% discount. Otherwise, I have to mention that it may not be considered as a budget transportation option. Especially when you consider hitch-hiking or carpooling…

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What distinguishes Interrail from other means of travelling is that Interrail turns your holiday into real adventure! You can take “any” train in whole Europe for a month (Global Pass), without buying tickets or paying for them each time! Unforgettable memories with other Interrailers is just another plus! The number of available trains is unlimited, so is the number of places to go! This way, you can meet a different culture, have different stuff to eat, or simply explore a different night life everyday! You don’t even have to think about accommodation, if your ride is over 5-6 hours! Because you can sleep in your railcar overnight and solve the accommodation problem without paying a dime!

Interrail (or Eurail) is valid across Europe, including (but not limited to) the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. If we were to provide a full list of the countries you can Interrail in…

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Croatia, the Netherlands, the UK, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Montenegro, Luxembourg, Hungary, Macedonia (FYROM), Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Greece..

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How do you do Interrail?

First of all, I have to tell you that there are different types of passes in Interrail. Let’s take a look at them. But bear in mind the fares are for under-26 and 2nd class seats.

Global Pass

Globall Pass is a commonly used type of ticket and it is divided into different types as well. It has an important feature though, like being valid in 30 COUNTRIES in Europe! This means that you buy your pass and visa (if necessary, just one visa from any Schengen country will do) and travel across the whole continent with just 1 pass! If you ask “For how many days?”, then I should mention the types of Globall Pass briefly. The options are as follows…

5 days within 10 days: With this pass, you cannot take a train everyday, but in 5 days only. That is, if you use your pass in your first day, you should spend your second in the place where you go or use another means of transportation. Price: 156 Euros.

10 days withing 22 days: Twice as much as the previous option… You hold the right to take a train for 10 days within the 22 days of your choice. With these types of passes, planning is crucial because if you run out of the days you can use the trains, it will be quite difficult to reach your final destination. Price: 229 Euros.

15 days continuous: There is no limitation with this pass, except for the 15 days of your choice. During this period, you can take simply any train you’d like. Price: 265 Euros.

22 days continuous: Add 1 week to the 15 days continuous option… Travel longer and take the train you’d like, any time, anywhere. Price: 293 Euros.

1 month continuous: I think you’ve already got the point. Take any train for a whole month. Price: 376 Euros.

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One Country Pass 

One country pass is a little different than Global Pass. You choose only one country and travel this country and this  country only for 3,4,6 or 8 days within 1 month. If you leave the borders of the country your pass is valid for, you cannot use your pass.

There is no fixed price for a One Country Pass because it depends on where you go. For that reason, it would be wise to have a look at However, I can still say that an 8 days within 1 month type of pass would cost between 30 – 222 Euros. As you go west and North, the prices increase.

When? From Where?

As a matter of fact, this question does not have a certain answer since Interrail is not a package tour. You can choose any date and any country you want. Here is what you should know: Let’s say you have bougth a One Country Pass for Spain. In this case, going to Spain to start your travel is totally on you. Or say you have exhausted your pass by reaching its limit in Finland. Then you have to pay for your flight back.

Do I need a visa for Interrail?

This depends on your citizenship status. If you are a visa national for Schengen countries, then you should obtain your Schengen Visa before your travel begins. There is one advantage, though. It practically does not matter which Schengen country you obtain your visa from. All you need is a single Schengen Visa (with multiple entry clearance granted). Note that you cannot enter the UK with a Schengen Visa. You need a UK Visa for that. Here is a list of Schengen Countries which you can visit with a Schengen Visa:

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, Luxemburg, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia.

There is only one visa for these countries. So, obtaining a Schengen Visa means having your entry clearance granted for all these countries. In other words, you can travel across “The Schengen Zone” freely.

Apart from these countries, you can also enter Bulgaria and Romania with a valid Schengen Visa.

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How do I buy an Interrail Pass?

Simple, click on and follow the instructions. Have your passport ready because your passport number is written on your pass.

How much money do I need for Interrail?

It is totally up to you… Your expenses will alter in accordance with the sights you see, the night clubs you go to, or the type of accommodation you prefer. It is possible to call it a day, spending 5-10 Euros, but only by sleeping in trains or parks and eating from supermarkets. But even 200 Euros will not be enough for some, who prefer 5 star hotels and classy night clubs

Let’s keep it short, if you are an adventure addict, if it excites you to see a different city everyday and meet a different culture, if you like hostels and want to know about the world or different lives, Interrail is one of the most economical ways!

Don’t forget to take a look at our interrailing tips!

Abi, Interrail Diye Bir Şey Varmış... / Let's Interrail This Summer!
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Abi, Interrail Diye Bir Şey Varmış... / Let's Interrail This Summer!
Interrail nedir? Interrail Nasıl Yapılır? Interrail için vize gerekli mi? / What is Interrail? How to do Interrail? Visa requirements for Interrail...

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