Tents, Nature and a High Motivation: Camping

Who wouldn’t like a fun holiday with free accommodation? If you like the nature and are ready for minor damages caused by the nature, camping is your best shot! Camps are basically means of accommodation, provided by raising tents or building shacks in forestland for fun or relaxation. Nature is the best friend of a camper. Camps also increase motivation which providing travellers with free accommodation. I am pretty sure it’s going to feel good to be together with nature, trees and animals…

Kamp yapmak

Don’t be afraid of camping! But still, try to get as much professional help as possible. For instance, try and become a member of nature sports and camping clubs in order to obtain the necessary knowledge, or even to join collective camping activities. You can also follow camping organizations online to package-tour like, planned camping events. This way you can go through your crawling phase at ease thanks to being with pro-campers.

The Right Camping Site

First things first, you should camp at sites that are not forbidden by the government of the country you are in. Moreover, it is wise to choose a spot not so far away from the next city centre, at least not so faw away from the next gas station since you may have emergencies or simply need something. Another function of this is that city centres and gas stations may serve as your communications post should you encounter an emergency.

You should also bear in mind that camping in a private property is forbidden, unless the land owner explicitly indicates otherwise. Because trespassing is a crime in most countries (are there any where it is not?) and I’m sure you don’t want to deal with police and such stuff, which may also result in ‘expenses’ while you are trying to enjoy your budget holiday. Furthermore, you should look for any governmental restriction in the site you want to camp at. Asking the nearest police station is usually the simplest way to find out about that.

Camping Gear: What do you need?

If you would like a comfortable and fun experience of camping, tents could be your best option because they are both comfortable and safe, when used properly. Make sure you have a quality sleeping bad, a solid air-tight mat and a long lasting head lamp. Otherwise, it is going to get harder in cold winter nights and be a burden to simply spend time in your tent.

If you are not up to hunting or collecting, you should have all your food ready before you start camping and pack it in an orderly fashion. If you’d like to ‘earn’ your own food, at least have fishing gear with you. A good first aid kit and some bug repellants may also come in handy.

Yiyeceklerinizi mutlaka hayvanların ulaşamayacağı yerler de hava geçirmez poşetler ile muhafaza edin. Yiyecek kokularının çevreye yayılmamasına ve çadır içerisinde yemek yememeye dikkat edin. Çünkü yemek kokuları hayvanlar için davetkâr, yemeklerinizi hayvanlar ile paylaşmak da tehlikeli olabilir. Sizin istemediğiniz vakitlerde de çadırınıza yaklaşıp size zarar verebilirler.

Kamp yapmak

Camp fire harms the natural environment. The spot you start your fire will not turn green for a long time. Plus, as long as there a fire is burning, something can always catch fire. Having said that, our recommendation is that you take a camp stove with you and avoid camp fires unless you really need it. If you REALLY need it, do not leave your fire before you make sure it is 100% put out, be it with water or by blocking its contact with the air. Just one mistake here may cause a lot of medical/legal troubles for you while leaving irrepairable damage on the natural environment.

Choose your cloths wisely. Choose thermal type of clothes whenever possible. If you do not have them, make sure your clothes are suitable for the best and the worst weather conditions. You’ll have to experience different levels of temperature, living out in the nature for a couple of days.

When the nature calls, answer her away from water resources and where animals may live. Dig 25-30 cm holes in the ground with your portable shovel (you do have one, don’t you?) and do bury your masterpiece when you are finished. This way, you can eliminate both the potential contamination of water resources and the microbes produced by your very own organic waste. Sanitary pads or toilet tissues should also be kept in air-tight bags to be thrown away later. Because such waste cannot dissolve out in the nature and their chemicals are absorbed by the soil in time. Furthermore, zillions of microbes reproduce when they are left open. Mind you, in order to let other use the same camping site, you should keep an eye on your cleanliness and eco-friendliness.

To sum up, camping gives one the sense of being as one with the nature, cleanse his soul and rest to the full. A well-planned and well-prepared camping event is both cheap and fun. In addition to these, you can enjoy the sense of struggling and overcoming difficulties again by camping.

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  1. 24 October 2014  03:58 by Adım Adım Seyahat Reply

    Çok güzel ve faydalı bilgiler. Kamp konusunda ben de eğitim alınması gerekliliğini savunuyorum. Kamp yapmak hafife alınmayacak kadar dikkat gerektiren fakat uygun eğitim ve deneyim sonucu çok kolay ve keyifli bir aktivitedir.

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