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10 Most Interesting Places in the World

The world is a mysterious place… There’re humans on it, for a start, as the source of all the mystery. But some places have a lot more stories than others, people have been producing them steadily for years. The stories vary, from alien interventions to a divine intervention by the hand of God. However, there are archeologists, antropologists, ethnologists around the world, which is lucky for us, who have managed to solve a lot of mysteries that we tend to have believed so far.

Still, there are some mysteries around the world, waiting to be solved. And although some of them have already answered the questions “why” or “how”, they are just too unbelievable for human mind. For instance, why did North Korea, which allows tourists visit the country only occasionally, feel the need to build the highest hotel in the world, 25 years ago? Or what does the inscription on the Shugborough Monument actually say? Let’s try to find out…

1. Ryugyong Hotel – Pyongyang, North Korea

Having its ground broken in 1987, the construction of this hotel came to a halt in 1992. But the exterior was completed in 4 years, years later, in 2012. The rumour is that the interior is still a construction site. The funny thing is that, in North Korea, which is only visited by a few thousands of tourists every year, this 105-storey hotel has absolutely no use. The known reason for having it built is to exceed the record of Singapore at that time… Cold war… Cold war never changes… (Those who get the reference, I love you!)

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Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea

2. San Zhi Resort, New Taipei City, Taiwan

The construction of San Zhi Resort in Taiwan actually started in 1978. Later on, the site was abandoned due to never ending car accidents in the area and several problems with investments. But if you talk to a local, you can get to learn that it’s not accidents or investment problems, but the wrath of the demolished Chinese Dragon statue.

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San Zhi Resort, Taiwan

3. Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

Bermuda Triangle, Devil’s Triangle or Bermuda Devil’s Triangle… The area forms a triangle when you take the intersection points as Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda and it is said that planes or ships mysteriously disappear within the area. In deed, a lot of accidents have happened within the triangle, but it is also known that the human factor has been the commonest reason of those accidents.

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Bermuda Triangle – Location

4. Stonehenge – England

Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, England and it is basically a set of huge blocks of stone. It is thought that the structure was built between 3000-2000 BC and it had a religious value/function in the pagan or druidist times. Evidence shows that structure was used for cremating the dead, but a 2012 theory also suggests that it was meant to bring together all the different nations living under the kingdom, based on the fact that the ethnicities of the discovered bodily remains varied greatly. The most interesting thing about Stonehenge, however, is how the people of that era built the structure, which is yet to be discovered.

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Stonehenge, England

5. Overtoun Bridge – West Dunbartonshire, Scotland

The Overtoun estate and bridge, built in 1800’s, are great examples of baronesque architecture. But the bridge has a mystery. Especially in 1950’s and 60’s, it was quite famous for “dog suicides”. For an unknown reason, dogs were jumping off the bridge into the river, and those who survived jumped off again when they were brought to the same spot. Later, a team of zoologists examined the area and discovered that the hunter instincts of the dogs made them jump, in order to find the minks living around the bridge. They could smell them from the bridge and all they wanted to do was to catch them!

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Overtoun Bridge, Scotland

6. Aokigahara Forest– Mount Fuji, Japan

Aokigahara a.k.a the suicide forest has always been associated with the demons in the Japanese mythology. The forest, proudly serving an average of 100 suiciders every year, was decorated with signs saying “Do not commit suicide, think again” in order to hold them off. Regardless, 247 people in 2010 attempted to commit suicide in the same forest, with a success rate of 54/247. For some reason, people prefer hanging themselves or having the golden shot in that forest.

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Aokigahara Forest, Japan

7. Stone Spheres – Isla del Caño, Costa Rica

The stone spheres are usually associated with the Diquis civilization which lived between 700-1500 CE and the diameters of the spheres range from a few centimeters to 2 meters, weighing up to 15 tons. The purpose of the spheres is but a mystery. Some say they came from Atlantis, while others defend that the natives had a potion to soften rocks and process them.

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Stone Spheres, Costa Rica

8. The Shepherds Monument, Shugborough Inscription – Staffordshire, England

The letters on the Shepherds Monument catch the eye quite in vain, actually. Because it only says “DUOSVAVVM”, which makes it the oldest text in the world, which couldn’t be decrypted. Although some inferenced based on acrostics were formerly made, they weren’t able to gain recognition due to their lack of relevant associations.

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Shugborough Monument, England

9. Shang Shung Kingdom– Tibet, China

Having laid the foundation of Buddhism with their religion, Bonism, Shang Shung language is quite similar to the 11th century North Indian. In that respect, many people believe that the spiritual leader of the Shang Shung were Tonpa Shenrab Miwoche, who came from northern India. The strange thing about that kingdom is that their whereabouts is totally unknown.

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Shang Shung Remains, China

10. Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines are huge drawings (so huge that they were only discovered through bird’s eye) in the south of Peru, the Nazca Desert, to be precise. The size of the drawings, generally depicting animals or humans, vary up to 200 meters. For those who don’t like believing what scientists say, the lines were drawn by boren aliens looking for fun. Archeologists, ethnologists and antrolopologists, however, agree on the idea that they were drawn by humans who wanted to show their Gods how loyal they were.

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Nazca Lines, Peru

Truely strange places, in deed… But may be you had already solved the mysteries of those places, or they just didn’t attract your attention. Then, quite irrelevantly, how do you explain the fact that 7 European countries have claimed their positions in the top-10 most peaceful countries list? Just click to check them out…

10 Most Interesting Places in the World / Dünyanın En İlginç 10 Yeri
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10 Most Interesting Places in the World / Dünyanın En İlginç 10 Yeri
10 Most Interesting Places in the World / Dünyanın En İlginç 10 Yeri

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