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Surma kadını

10 Strange African Traditions

Afrika, that we always see in films or documentaries... A unique, mystical, free and bloody territory... A continent whose people preserve their culture to its fullest, also... A[...]

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JW Mariott Marquis Dubai

Interesting Facts About Hotels

We all need a hotel from time to time, one way or another.  We check in, have a shower, sleep and leave. It is mostly enough for most of us to have the rates and the service in a s[...]

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Holland Myths for First Timers

Holland is one of the most popular tourism destinations of every year. Every visitor has a different reason to go there, like history, culture or "legal opportunities". In deed, Ho[...]

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16 Facts About Tourism

Tourism is a global sector like food or health. Because people have been moving from point A to point B since the beginning of history and they're not likely to come to a halt any [...]

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15 Myths on Travelling Abroad

In the mind of someone who wants to travel abroad for the first time, there are tens questions. Where to stay, how much to spend, visa requirements, what to face while abroad and m[...]