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Travel budget is a common issue that preoccupies most travellers’ minds. We just cannot help asking ‘How much would I spend?’ before wondering how to go there or where to stay. This is naturally related to the science of growing money on a tree, however (and unfortunately), this is the case for most of us. Although we usually prefer to direct those questions to someone who has been there before, there is a web site that answers budget-related questions about a target city all at once, from the price of an egg to the square meter cost of a flat. Yes, it’s Numbeo.
numbeo - cost of living
Numbeo describes itself as the largest user-generated worldwide database about world cities and countries. On the website, it is possible to find information on the cost of living, life standards, accommodation costs and health care services as well the pollution, crime and congestion rates. By 18 Feb 2014, there are 4182 cities on Numbeo. 
Actually, the info to be found on Numbeo database is not only limited to the ones I have mentioned. While you can study the taxi fares, gasoline prices and room rates in a particular city, you can also have a glance on the quality of life index, city by city. 
The user interface is extremely simple. Just type the city you want to have information about in the box next to ‘Select Location’, and there you go! Man, this web site is really fast… In the blue box on the page of a particular city can you check its index scores. That is, the scores of the city for each cost item. The higher these scores are, the more expensive the city is. This is the simple logic of Numbeo. 
numbeo - cost of living
As you scroll down on the page, you get the specifics on the cost of living, grouped under subtitles. Under the subtitle ‘Restaurants’, for instance, you check out the average price for a meal at a restaurant. The prices are quite detailed in that they give you information from the cost of a full meal for 2 people to the price of a beer. You can also change the currencies according to your choice.
numbeo - cost of living
The next subtitle is ‘Markets’. This list provides price info for supermarket shopping, again in a detailed fashion. It goes from the cost of a package of Marlboro to the price for a kilogram of potatoes. 
If you scroll down a little bit more, you get a quick glance of the transportation costs within the city of your choice. In this section, there are prices for a standard passenger ticket for public transport, gasoline prices or taxi fares. What’s more, the cost of an average car is also present in that section, should you decide to buy it. 
numbeo - cost of living
Lastly, quite briefly, you can get the costs for electricity, water, internet, gym, cinemas, clothing, real estate (including even the yearly rate of interest on mortgages) and the average monthly salary in that city. 
One point to bear in mind is that all the prices displayed are only average. For that reason, you should keep an eye on the green bars to the right hand side. Those bars, under the title ‘Range’ provide you with the lowest and highest prices for a particular product. It is important to check that part too, in order not to be mislead. 
The information on health care services or pollution rates can be reached via the top menu, however, we leave them for you to explore so that we do not belabor this article any further. But what do we do while you discover the rest of the website? A little research, of course! 
A great service that provides is the function of comparing all the data about cities. It is possible to compare real estate prices, crime or pollution rates, even the quality of life. But now we compare the cost of living, which would be the most useful item for travellers. Let’s make up a short scenario to serve the cause. 
Say you’re in Munich, you’re short of money and undecided on which city to go. Within similar distances, Vienna and Prague catch your eyes, but you want to prefer the one that is cheaper. 
Of course both cities are fantastic. On one side, completed through a work of 23 years in 1160, there is the St Stephen’S Cathedral, a perfect representative of Austrian Gothic. 
numbeo - st stephen cathedral
On the other site, however, with Strahov Monaster, Stefanik’s Observatory and the ‘Victims of Communism’ memorial, you want to see the Petrin Hill, where you can have almost a bird’s eye view of the glorious city Prague. 
numbeo - prague from petrin hill
One would wish to see both, but alas! The budget… We need to choose the cheaper one, which is actually a simple task. Here’s how:
We simply visit and choose ‘Cost of Living Comparison’ from the ‘Cost of Living’ button in the top menu and type in Vienna and Prague to the two respective text boxes. Then click on ‘Compare’. Simple as that… Then a blue box is displayed on the next page, which includes the comparison results on the basis of percentages. 
numbeo - cost of living
As you can see above, consumer products, meals, groceries, or simply everything is cheaper in Prague than Vienna by approximately 30%. Moreover, the Local Purchasing Power is also similarly lower! Especially the costs of a meal at a restaurant and groceries stand out in the list by 48,70% and 41,59%. This is just what a traveller wants! Because if you happen to choose to go to Prague (in which case you should!), you will spend twice as little as you would in Vienna! 
With this little comparison, we end this review. So, to sum up, Numbeo is a web site that provides its visitors with the answers to the questions ‘How much would I spend abroad?’ or ‘Is Paris really expensive?’, with more than enough details. A little reminder here, Numbeo is a user-generated web site, so if you cannot find the prices for your hometown in its database, please add it yourself. Just think about how many people you would help… Lastly, if you are not sure what to do in the city you choose, take a look at our Tripomatic – Trip Planner article and have a nice time! 

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  1. 26 August 2014  14:12 by Geeky Explorer Reply

    I use Numbeo a lot, even for comparisons just out of curiosity. There are other websites with the same functionalities, but Numbeo is definitely the easier to use and the more complete.

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