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Driving in Bulgaria for First Timers

Bulgaria is the "must-go", "have-to-go", "obliged-to-go" country for those who are fond of the nature or outdoor sports. The country is full of forests, rivers and endless fields w[...]

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af Chapman Hostel, İsveç

20 Interesting Hostel Facts

Everyone stays in a hostel at least once during Interrail, Balkan tours, hitchhiking or a simple holiday. Most people use hostels for a common reason: Budget Accommodation. But sti[...]

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Beautiful Colored Sand Beaches: How Come?

You've finished a year full of hardworking, arranged your holiday, talked to your boss about your beach holiday and started packing your bags after having a look at our list of the[...]

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Christmas in Hawaii

Hi everyone!My name is Toya, and I had an amazing opportunity to spend Christmas 2014 in the beautiful state of Hawaii!  It was unlike anything I had ever experienced on Ch[...]