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The EcoTripSos Christmas Photo Contest

Here we are, with another photo contest with a prize you can't refuse!  We know we're far far away for most of you, but this shouldn't mean we can't give you Christmas gifts! W[...]

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The Art of Solo Travel: Morgan Cantrell

One of the most popular sections of EcoTripSos is the "Interviews" section and it's been quite a while since we did an interview for the last time. However, we think it was well-wo[...]

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Jumping on Noordhoek Beach, South Africa

The big South Africa jump

This photo was taken at Noordhoek beach near Cape Town, South Africa. My boyfriend and I were on a 2 month break in South Africa, discovering everything around the Western, and p[...]

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Jumping For Joy

Hi, my name is Fionn (pronounce as Fe-on). This photo was taken at Goblin Valley State Park in Utah back in October. Goblin Valley State Park is a great place to use your imagina[...]

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The Best Ski Resorts of 2014 - World Ski Awards

The best ski resorts of 2014 have recently been announced at the A-ROSA Kitzbühel, Austria by World Ski Awards, owned by World Travel Events Ltd. The winners of 2014 were presented[...]

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Lauren jumps in Morocco

This shot was taken by my friend Emily on our trip to Marrakech in February. We spent a few days in Morocco and had a wonderful time exploring the desert, riding camels and con[...]

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow in South Africa - Jumping under a rainbow on our way to volunteer in Muizenberg

Somewhere Over The Rainbow in South Africa

While on our way to volunteer in the Dreams to Reality teaching program at a primary school in Muizenberg, South Africa, we noticed a brilliant rainbow stretching out throu[...]

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Ulm Minster - The tallest building in the world in late 19th century

10 Tallest Buildings in The World

Architecture and structural engineering has a long long history although the practices may not have been as scientific or professional as they are today. The first man-made structu[...]

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The EcoTripSos Jump Shot Contest!

Now you can sign up on EcoTripSos, post your stories, photos or videos to share with your friends! If people like your post, you can even make it to the FRONT PAGE!In orde[...]