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Rent A Room Services

“Where did you stay?” may be one of the most frequent questions to be asked when somebody returns from a travel. The need to be accommodated is present from the beginning of mankind history and it is not going to vanish unless we evolve into something else. Of course, our main point of concern as EcoTripSos is finding accommodation while travelling. Till now, we have presented to our readers some options, from free accommodation to hostels. This article is about budget accommodation like the others, but this time with a different option that is cheap like a hostel but also provides you a real home environment: Rent a Room Services.

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As a matter of fact, rent-a-room system has been used for a long long time. Today, it is highly possible in touristic areas to see an old woman who want to rent one of her rooms to you for a good price. Or even real estate agencies that are involved in rent-a-room services. When I was in Ohrid, Macedonica in 2011, I saw a lot of people renting their rooms for 5 Euros per night, to have some extra income. While providing them with some extra income, you can also have your warm bed for a really good price.

Of course, there are web sites that are involved in this business, too. For instance, one could say that Airbnb is the most widely known rent-a-room web site. On, you make a simple site search using location, date and number of visitor parameters, having a list of the available rooms in that particular location in a matter of seconds.

How does Airbnb rent-a-room system work? 

Airbnb concsists of people who want to let one of their rooms or their whole flat/house for a price. These people join the web site and upload the photos of the part of the house they want to rent, including facilities like kitchen, bathroom and its location. What you do is to choose the most convenient one for you and contact the host.

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As mentioned above, the aim of most hosts is to have some extra income while enjoying making new friends. On the web site, you can find a lot of hosts renting only one room but you can also come across with people who let an entire house or flat! For instance, a family that owns a summerhouse lets the house they live in winter for the entire summer. Places to stay are limitless, from apartments to houses, from villas to bungalows!

Mind you, covering all the details with hosts BEFORE you have a deal is crucial, since this type of systems is mostly based on mutual trust. You pay for it after all, setting what is included in the price and what is not is for the benefit of both sides. We feel the need to mention this because where there’re people, there are problems and setting the standards beforehand minimizes problems in most cases.

It is also possible to come across with unrealistic prices, since a host can set any price s/he wants. Of course, you can limit your search to your own choice of price, eliminating the unrealistic ones.

Another web site you can rent a room o is Acutally, gumtree is a large portal dealing with a range of things from car sales to job opportunities. What is related to this article about gumtree is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of rooms you can rent and it operates in a lot of locations worldwide, from Canada to Hong Kong. On this web site too, you find the room that is suitable to your needs and find accommodation without spending hundreds of dollars on hotel rooms. Of course, what we said about trust goes for this one too.

Günlük Kiralık

Rent-a-room services are useful because:

Rent-a-room keeps your money in your pocket. Because hotels are profit-oriented managements and no matter how nice they treat you, their concern above all other things is the money they make. There is no hotel in the world that host people just for fun. Through rent-a-room services, you actually CAN find people who would host you just for fun. Yes, you still have to pay, but the amount is incomparable to that of a hotel. Heather Levin says it can be down to one fifth of a hotel’s rates.

Rent-a-room provides comfort. Quite obviously, when you rent a room, you are exposed to a high level of home comfort. In addition, you don’t have to abide by the fixed breakfast or dinner schedules of a hotel and you can even have a nap in front of the TV in the living room. It is not quite acceptable to have a nap in a hotel lobby, right? Having your own kitchen is just another plus of rent-a-room services.

Rent-a-room services are social. You can meet a lot of people, socialize and exchange information in hotels. But can you compare it to sharing a flat with other people? When you rent a room, you make a lot of friends and have insider information about the location. Therefore, instead of looking around and coming back to your room like the typical tourist, you can experience the true local life, eat and drink as the locals and go where they go. Leave aside the high-cost luxurious managements designed for your pleasures. If you visit an unfamiliar place, look for some unfamiliar knowledge to add value to yourself.

There are more rooms available compared to hotels. Especially in cities where airbnb and gumtree users are active, the number of available options is incredibly high. This gives you the opportunity to choose the cheapest and the most comfortable room. You can even have conversations with multiple hosts and choose the most interesting one! 

To conclude, instead of looking for a hotel, using rent-a-room services is both socially convenient and cost-effective. If the meaning of travelling for you is a real cultural experience, you can develop yourself easily by skipping large-scale managements who considers ‘our’ very own needs and choosing an option which will make us ‘adapt’ to other people’s lives.

Rent-a-room Services / Oda Kiralama
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Rent-a-room Services / Oda Kiralama
Rent-a-room Services / Oda Kiralama

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