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Top 10 Countries With The Safest Roads

Road safety is a crucial issue in that thousands of people lose their lives in car crashes or other vehicle related accidents every year. According to World Health Organization sources, over 1 million people pass away due to car crashes each year, a number which is really too high.

From a traveler’s standpoint (leisure or business), road safety gains even more importance due to the fact that those groups of people spend more time on the road than many other people, making them more vulnerable to vehicle accidents.

The latest report of WHO as for road safety, entitled “Global Status Report on Road Safety 2013” gives useful insights to the applicability of road safety laws, accident rates and fatal accidents [1]. In this article you’ll find the top-10 countries with the lowest death rates related to vehicle accidents, and the numbers are given “per capita” (per 100.000 population).

10. Netherlands


The oranges, also among the most peaceful countries in the world, outrank most of the world when it comes to road safety. The estimated death rate per capita in the Netherlands is 3,9 (640 reported deaths).

9. Malta


With only 15 reported deaths related to vehicle accidents, Malta has the 9th safest roads in the world (3,8 per capita)

8. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom also looks quite safe to drive and hang out around its roads. The estimated road traffic death rate within in the country is 3,7 out of every 100.000 people.

7. Andorra


With only 3 reported road traffic deaths in 2014, Andorra is the 7th country with the safest roads (3,5/100.000).

6. West Bank and Gaza Strip (Palestine)


Although they’ve got other things to be concerned about most of the time, Palestinians also have quite a low vehicle accident death rate (3,2 per capita).

5. Sweden


Sweden, which we’re used to seeing in top-10 lists of all sorts, is the 5th country with the safest roads. The 266 deaths in 2013, when compared to the population, gives us a per capita rate of 3 straight.

4. Iceland


For no reason, I have a feeling that one wouldn’t really need to drive too often in this country. But still, 2,8 road traffic deaths out of every 100.000 people is quite a good number.

3. Maldives


With only 6 road related deaths in 2013, Maldives has a per capita road traffic death rate of 1,9.

2. Micronesia


Federated States of Micronesia are the second safest in the world to drive and use motor vehicles. There were only 2 deaths on the road in 2013, which equals to 1,8 people out of every 100.000.

1. San Marino 

San Marino

The small country of San Marino has the highest rate of road safety, according to the WHO report. In 2013, there was “NO” death in the country related to road accidents.

To see the full report (in English or Russian) please click on the reference.



Road Safety / Yol Güvenliği
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Road Safety / Yol Güvenliği
Road Safety / Yol Güvenliği

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