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10 Safest Countries To Walk Alone At Night

When it comes to safely walking alone at night, the criteria is always about the women’s safety, which is in deed a significant indicator. Because, as you may easily guess, women are molested more often than men, especially when they’re alone. The reason for that lies within the study of Wasti et al. (2000) who suggest that men reach female sexuality easier thanks to patriarchy and a majority of women consider this reach culturally normal, if not acceptable. [1].

On the other hand, it is a well-known fact that some regions don’t let even men to walk alone safely. But in this case, the axis switches from molestation to criminal offense. Men are more of subject to theft, robbery, assault and murder.

The citizens of which country don’t have to worry about safely walking alone at night, though? In other words, in which countries can you walk alone at night without any concern whatsoever? On that matter, the US based Gallup, Inc. made a research by surveying the citizens of 102 countries on the phone or face to face. Then they classified the responses as “total”, “male” and “female”. [2]. The survey is quite simple. The participants were asked if they felt safe in their country, walking alone at night. Afterwards, a list is formed using the percentage resulting from the positive answers, which you’ll find above.

10. Vietnam

sokaklari en guvenli ulkeler
Agriculture in Vietnam…

In the Southeastern Asian socialist state of Vietnam, 80% percent of the people has stated that they could safely walk alone at night. When the results are broken down into genders, 85% of the Vietnamese males and 77% of the females responded in the same fashion.

9. Tunisia

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Bazaars of Tunisia…

In the Mediterranean part of Africa, Tunisia, 81% of the 11 million population believe that streets are safe at nights. However, there’s a 17% striking difference between the responses of males and females of Tunisia. While 90% of the male Tunisians responded the question positively, 73% of the females thought the same way.

8. Bangladesh

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A family from the Bangladeshi country…

In Bangladesh, another Southeastern Asian country, 82% of the 150 million population think that one could walk alone safely at night. The percentage is 86% for males and 78% for females. Apparently, occasional internal disorders were not enough to distract the safety perception of the country.

7. Denmark

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The entrance of the tube tunnel between Denmark and Sweden…

Well, it could have been interesting for Denmark to skip a top-10 list, but it didn’t… Danish people (83%) mostly believe that Danish streets are safe to walk alone at night. The part that causes worry, however, is that while 93% of the Danish males agree with the statement, the percentage of females agreeing with it can only reach 74%, which indicates a relatively large difference of 19%.

6. Indonesia

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A fisherman from Indonesia…

I am coming to the point of wanting to live in Southeastern Asia… In Indonesia, 83% of the people believe that their streets are safe to walk alone at night. This makes 88% of the males and 80% of the females living in Indonesia.

5. Djibouti

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Djibouti (capital), Djibouti

To the north of Somalia and the east of Africa, Djibouti, which most of us cannot locate on the map, is in the top-5 when it comes to safely walking aloen at night. 84% of the people of Djibouti find their streets quite safe to walk alone at night and the gender difference related to this opinion is not vast. 86% of the males and 82% of the females agree with the statement. It looks like there’re some gender issues to be learnt from Djibouti.

4. Syria (pre-civil war)

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A theatre in Bosar, Syria…

With its population of 22 million, the situation in Syria is no different than that in Djibouti. 84% of the Syrian population believe that their streets are quite safe. Broken down into genders, 91% of the Syrian men agree with the statement while 77% of the Syrian women do so. The 14% gap may be noteworthy at this point.

3. Jordan

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Petra, Jordan

The Jordanese, subject to the reign of Abdullah II, are among those whose streets seems to be safe for a walk alone at night (84%). However, the gap between genders (%15) is quite thought provoking with 92% of the males and 77% of the females.

2. Qatar

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The entrance of the Museum of Islamic Arts, Qatar

Having a per capita income of approximately $100,000 thanks to rich oil resources, the country of Al Thani, Qatar, is thought to be safe for a walk alone at nght by 87% of its population. Nevertheless, while 95% of the male population think so, only 77% of the females agree with the statement.

1. Singapore

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An interesting photo from Singapore…

And the top country with the highest sense of safety… In Singapore, which only takes up 716 km² of The Earth, almost no citizen is concerned about walking alone safely at night (99%). 99% of the males and 98% of the females in Singapore believe that the streets are quiet safe. I guess there is no “never heard from again” type of news in this country…

In the research, one significant result is that Southeastern Asia in general seems to be quite safe for individuals. Middle Eastern countries, on the other hand, are doing quite fine as for safety as well.

It may also be necessary to have a look at the other end of the list. In Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Venezuela and South Africa, people do not really think that it would be safe to walk alone at night, thus avoiding doing it (>%35).

USA is also not in a horrible condition on the same matter. The country is 22th in the list with 75% of its population believing that walking alone at night is safe (87% against 64% in favour of males, quite concerning). Canada is the 21th with 76% (89% against 64%, again in favour of males) and the UK is the 45th with 64%. In the UK, however, the gender difference is even worse, 80% against 51%, which is not a good indicator for the safety of female citizens.

All in all, it seems that the safety level of the streets has nothing to do with wealth, education or faith, since the top-10 countries are from various backgrounds.

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1. Wasti, S.A., Bergman, M.E., Glomb, T.M. and Drasgow. F. (2000). “Test of the Cross Cultural Generalizability of a Model of Sexual Harassment”, Journal of Applied Psychology, 85(5). ss.766–778.

2. Gallup, Inc. (2009). Survey of Safe Walking Alone at Night.

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