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Today is Thursday and we’re up again with a web site review that will simplify the lives of those who travel a lot, be it travellers, businessmen, or those who simply live away from their families. As a matter of fact, there’s a special reason as to why we have chosen this site to review. So far we have looked for cheaper ways of travelling to share with you. But not even once have we thought of your comfort, unfortunately. For that reason, please accept this article as a kind apology, dear reader. This time we care about your comfort and publish this article for you to fly all cosy and comfortable.

Seat Guru

The web site that is subject to the present review is ‘Seat Guru’ and the aim of the existence of this site is to make sure our dear reader flies on a top-notch seat that appeals to the related body parts of his/her.

All kidding aside, this is actually what Seat Guru does. You simply choose your flight or plane and it presents schematically which seat is good and which one is bad, of course with comments, colours and reasons… Apart from this, it provides you with information on all the technological facilities available to your seat. There is but one disadvantage, which is the fact that Seat Guru operates only in one language that is English, which may not be considered as a huge disadvantage really. So how does Seat Guru do all these?

Seat Guru  Homepage

Seat Guru

Seat Guru is actually quite a simple web site, which you’ll realize once you see the homepage. The homepage consists of 6 main titles, one of which is the ‘homepage’ button. Another one lets you buy your flight ticket, so we leave it out as well. That means you have 4 buttons to deal with, unless you want to reach the homepage or buy a flight ticket.

So we prioritize and proceed through the homepage. At the end of the navigation bar, a button named ‘Guru Advice’ catches our eyes, which happens to be the blog page of Seat Guru. There are in-depth explanations for a lot of terminology, added to some seat preference advice.

Seat Guru ‘Comparison Charts’

When you move your cursor onto that button, a drop-down menu appears, which allows you to make a choice among different classes of aircraft. When you make this choice, you get a detailed comparison chart of a particular aircraft class, be it long-haulers or short-haulers. Let’s choose one as an example, for instance, “Short-haul Economy Class”. Here’s what we get:

seat guru

As seen on the table, all the details from the airlines to the wi-fi facilities are provided. Another thing to notice here is that the name of the airline and the aircraft are linked to other pages. When you follow those links, you reach the information about the fleet of a company as well as the seat maps for each aircraft, baggage regulations, check-in requirements and the conditions for the transportation of pets. You can also have that kind of info through the “Browse Airlines” button in the main navigation bar. Moreover, you get to see the phone numbers or web addresses related to the company of your choice. All the airlines are present on this page.

Of course, our purpose of writing this review is not limited to that. We’ve only been saving the best for the last. You can reach this best feature from “Find Seat Maps” button. Click on it and let’s check it out together…

Find Seat Maps (Yeah, it does what it says)

seat guru

Yes, that simple but useful screen you see above is the most artily feature of Seat Guru, at least in my opinion. You simply enter your airline company, flight number and flight date for Seat Guru to give you the seat map of your aircraft, including the comments. Of course, it is not really EcoTripSosly to leave it here so shallow, so we quickly give it a try.

We simply invent a in which we have to fly from İstanbul, Turkey to Berlin, Germany on 29 March 2014 and start looking for a flight. TK1725 flight of Turkish Airlines seems to be a good fit at this point. But we still have to consult Seat Guru, of course. So we ask, let’s see what it finds out.

seat guru

Of course, Seat Guru finds our flight (quite fast I must say). From that screen, we just have to click the “view map” button to reach the seat map of our aircraft. Here’s what we find out:

seat guru

As you also see, a detailed map showing all the details like the cockpit, lavatories or emergency exits is displayed on this screen. However, here we find it necessary to explain the meanings of the colours you see.

Blue: Blue is peace and calmness, and it also gives you… Wait a minute, I got sidetracked again… Let’s get back to our subject.

Yellow: On this map, yellow means you should be careful choosing those seats and you’d better read the comments.

Green: Good seat, sweet seat, I

Red: Keep off! Don’t take them unless you really have to!

Apart from these, there are also seats that are both green and yellow (none in this one), which means the seat has both pros and cons. When you see such seats, it is advised to read the comments. Also, on the map, you can see small, blue, toilet-like seats (7F and 21F on this map), which are actually cabin-crew seats. Be prepared to sit next to a hostess, if you choose one of them.

For the sake of trying, we move our cursor on one of the yellow seats. And this move instantly gives us some commentary about that particular seat. Moreover, on the right top of the small pop-up screen, you are given the info on the technological facilities related to this seat.

seat guru

Now, let’s move our cursor over one of the green seats, 22A, for example. Upon seeing the comment, we get to learn that this seat has a larger legroom due to being an emergency exit. That’s why it is green in the map.

So what about the red ones? Let’s try one right away (33A).

As also mentioned in the comment, reclining this seat is a bit problematic since it is in the last row of our aircraft. Moreover, the short distance to lavatories and galleys could be troublesome.

It is best not to prefer those seats, says Seat Guru to you. Better to take heed of the advice…

Of course the database of Seat Guru is not limited to those. Quickly, scroll upwards and check the right side of the page. Here, you get some information about the seats and amenities in general.

Right below, you can upload a picture of the aircraft should you have one, or scroll further down to check out the “In-flight amenities” such as radio, video or food facilities.

seat guru

That is to say, Seat Guru gives you the opportunity to scrutinize your aircraft and choose another one if you consider this necessary. With all those features, Seat Guru has the potential to improve your flight experience. In addition, through the web site, you get to learn the services and facilities in a particular flight to the smallest detail. But still, you should visit for more.

For those who has started to think about a cheap flight ticket upon reading this review, we recommend out ‘Best Flight Deals’ article.

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