Travel-Friendly Apps

Traveler-Friendly Mobile Apps

A lot of questions spring in one’s mind before travelling, quite naturally. Are you going to like where you’re going to stay? Which means of transportation will you prefer? Are you going to feel fine in it? A lot of questions, as I said… As we always say, you need a good plan for a better travel experience. You should know where to go, when to go and how to go to your destination. But there will definitely be times when things do not work as you calculate. Then what are you going to do, in a land where everything is so foreign to you?

In that case, you need a plan B, quickly. You could always use your friend’s computer to make a new plan. But what if you’re outside and there’s no computer around? Your smartphone is your only chance, as long as you’ve got the right apps intalled. In this article, we introduce you 5 traveler-friendly mobile apps that will be useful. You should install these apps BEFORE you start travelling, then we’re sure you’ll make great use of them. 

1. Tripomatic

Tripomatic, whose review we have made in our article, also has a mobile app. You can take a look at your pre-made plan on your mobile, or even better, you can make a new one with your app. Were you wondering where the nearest train station was? Take a look at the maps of Tripomatic. You want to rent a car? Check out the prices compared on your Tripomatic app. 

Travel Apps

2. XE Currency

If you’re in a country whose currency is not US Dollar or Euro, or if you’re in a journey that includes multiple couontries, currencies may start to be a pain in the neck. While trying to calculate where 1 Vanuatu Vatu stands against the dollar, you may face the danger of paying $50 dollars for a small souvenir (Check out our tourist scams article). In order to avoid such situations, use XE Currency to convert currencies. A must-have while shopping abrorad… 

Travel Apps
XE Currency

3. Hostelworld

You had booked your hostel, but checking it out, you realize that it’s pretty much a mess! “What makes a bad hostel?” article is advised at this point, but after you have found your new place to stay!

In another scenario, you have no reservation nor can you access the internet. So what do you do? You just tap on your Hostelworld app, book your  bed, note down the address and go willy-nilly to your hostel. No more “where am i gonna stay” type of uneasiness.

Travel Apps

4. TravelSmart

We sincerely hope that you never use the TravelSmart app, developed by Allianz Global. Because this app shows you where the nearest health institution is, in the case of accidents or illnesses. Hoping you never use it, it is still a must-have, just in case. 

Travel Apps

5. Free Wi-Fi Finder

I know you now wonder how you would access the internet to download the apps we have thus far recommended. This one is for you. Free Wi-Fi Finder marks the Wi-Fi spots on a map for you. If you’re rich enough to use your GSM Internet abroad, fine. But if you’re not, this app will help a lot! God save its developers! 

Travel Apps
Wi-Fi Finder

The apps we have recommended are more than enough for your basic needs while travelling, you could always ask for more, though. Furthermore, you could also share them with us in the comments section. This is so much for our recommendations, just scroll down to our special treat to “holiday-resort travellers”. 


Sunscreen app displayes the UIV density in the location the user is, also alerting the user when to use sunscreen again. Quite a service for holiday-resort travellers! 

Travel Apps

Happy holidays…

Traveler-Friendly Mobile Apps / Gezgin Dostu Akıllı Telefon Uygulamaları
Article Name
Traveler-Friendly Mobile Apps / Gezgin Dostu Akıllı Telefon Uygulamaları
Traveler-Friendly Mobile Apps / Gezgin Dostu Akıllı Telefon Uygulamaları

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