Suicide rates

Top-5 Countries by Suicide Rates

Suicide is an action cursed by many, but also committed by many. The act of killing oneself is not welcome in any culture, although there may be exceptions. There are countries like Holland or Switzerland, though, where you may have a euthenasia legally, under certain conditions.

NHS sources state that a general vulnerability to suicide, a disturbed mental health and problematic social or economic conditions are the commonest causes of suicide [1].

So what is the effect of suicides in terms of numbers? How much of the world population commit suicide? “

st basil's cathedral, russia

st basil’s cathedral, russia

According to the WLE data, Russia is the 5th country in the world when it comes to committing suicide. Every 23.4 people out of 100000 commit suicide in the country.

4. Swaziland

swaziland needs help

Swaziland needs help

The south African country of Swaziland, with its 25.3/100000 suicide ratio, becomes the 4th in the world.

3. Kazakhstan

makpal abdrazakova, a female eager hunter in kazakhstan

makpal abdrazakova, a female eager hunter in kazakhstan

The vast (as large as Europe) neighbor of China and Russia, Kazakhstan is the 3rd country in the world where people commit suicide the most. The suicide rate is 31.1 out of every 100000 people.

2. Lithuania

trakai castle, lithuania

trakai castle, lithuania

The small and silent country of the Baltics is quite assertive when it comes to its suicide rates. 31.2 out of every 100000 people commit suicide in the country. According to the Baltic Times (newspaper) social and financial problems predominantly lead to suicides in the country [2].

1. Guyana

kaieteur falls, guyana

kaieteur falls, guyana

Guyana, unfortunately, is the country where people of the world commit suicide the most. The total suicide rate of the country is 32.5 out of 100000. The commonest way of killing oneself in the country is poisoning by agricultural pesticides [4] and the predominant cause seems to be economic.

This is the sad list of suicide rankings. On the other end of the list, there’s Syria and Kiribati with less then a ratio of 0.6/100000. While USA is the 63rd with 10.3 people, UK is the 101st with 6.9. Canada has a ratio of 9.9, which puts it in the 67th place while Turkey is the 173rd with 2.2.






Top-5 Countries by Suicide Rates / İntihar Oranı En Yüksek 5 Ülke
Article Name
Top-5 Countries by Suicide Rates / İntihar Oranı En Yüksek 5 Ülke
Top-5 Countries by Suicide Rates / İntihar Oranı En Yüksek 5 Ülke

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