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Heart-Friendly Transport: Cycling

Cycling is a way of entertainment for some, sports for others and a means of transportation without a doubt. Today, thousands of people cycle to work because they know that it is low-cost and you don’t have to get involved int he traffic jam. Others, though, travel the world cycling. Yes, you’ve read it right. They do travel the world! Cycling is a means of fulling the objectives of a lifetime for some!

So, what about you? Travelling on a bike? Those who want a cheap holiday, the article is meant for you!

Sometimes our budget does not provide us with transport, accommodation, enterainment and education all. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice our holiday for good. While we fulfill our need for accommodation in the cheapest possible way at times, we may also want to consider a cheap means of transportation. Cycling is one of the easiest and most fun ways!!

EcoTipSoS - Bisiklet Rehberi (Cycling Guide)

All you have to do is to set your route and take the must-have’s with you! Here’s a list:

1. A good map
2. A mini first aid kit
3. A mini toolbox for your bike
4. A flask
5. Cycling gloves
6. Cycling glasses

These are simply obligatory!!! And of course there is the cycling safety issue. Abiding by the traffic rules at all costs is crucial for your own and others’ safety. Never cycle without a helmet! Make sure your bike is visible at all times, especially at nights! Wear luminous cycling gear. Use the middle of the lane you’re cycling on and watch out for the opening car doors. They can cause an accident if you remain unnoticed.

Make sure your mobile phone is fully recharged.  In case of emergencies, a mobile phone is a vital means of communication. Never forget that no matter how hard you try for more safety, there may be some bad guys out there and you may well need your mobile phone to call for help, should you come across with any of them.

Cycling is cheap and fun! Cycling is a really low-cost means of transportation, if not free (well, you’ll need to buy a bike after all) A high-cost flight ticket can only provide you with transportation and coach trips where you take a break only to use the facilities are no different. However, you don’t pay for cycling, take a break whenever-wherever you want, drink water from any stream and catch any photo that you like. You pay either peanuts or nothing for all these.

EcoTipSoS - Bisiklet Rehberi (Cycling Guide)

Cycling is eco-friendly. We all know how mass transportation harms the environment. Fuel waste coming out of their exhaust pipes claims our end closer day by day. In cycling, on the other hand, there’s no fuel and this shows how environmentally responsible you are! Secure your grandchildren’s oxygen!

Cycling is healthy. We all need to move a little bit in this world which makes us technologically lazy. So here you are, use a means of transportation that makes you move! Cycling opens you up for a new healthy life while working numerous muscles of yours. It also gives you full permission to stop and take a breath as you taste the fruits of nature around you.

In short, if you want a fun, healthy, environment-friendly means of transportation, cycling is your best shot!

Have a nice ride…

Heart-Friendly Transport: Cycling / Kalp Dostu Ulaşım: Bisiklet
Article Name
Heart-Friendly Transport: Cycling / Kalp Dostu Ulaşım: Bisiklet
Bisikletle seyahat ederken nelere dikkat etmeliyiz? Uzun yolculuklarda yanımızda neler bulundurmalıyız? / Points to consider while cycling... What you should take with you during long rides...

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