EcoTripSos Jump Shot Contest

The EcoTripSos Jump Shot Contest!

EcoTripSos Has Gone Social

Now you can sign up on EcoTripSos, post your stories, photos or videos to share with your friends!

If people like your post, you can even make it to the FRONT PAGE!

EcoTripSos Stars make it to the front page!

In order to celebrate the social relaunch of EcoTripSos, we’ve decided to GIVE AWAY THREE AD SPACES to our members as a sign of our willingness to cooperate!

You don’t have a blog to advertise? Then expect an authentic item to be sent to you as a gift from the old city of Edirne, which served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire for 90 years!

Since we love all our visitors equally, however, we thought it would be best to organize a fun contest, thus hereby we announce:

EcoTripSos Jump Shot Contest

Wonder how to participate?

Just sign up to EcoTripSos using the button on the right top of the page, add your best jump shot, describe your photo and that’s it!

Three photos that get the most ‘likes’ will be announced as the WINNERS! 

EcoTripSos Jump Shot Contest

The Jump Shot Contest

Until when?

The contest is open for submission until 15 December 2014, 23:59 (GMT +2).

We need some rules for the sake of fair play, right? 

1. Each submitted photo mush be followed by a description of 150 – 400 words. The preferred size for photos is 640×480.

2. Descriptions should include your name, as well as the general story of the photo (the setting, by whom it was taken, why you were there, how it felt to jump at that particular spot… etc.)

3. You can participate with multiple photos (as different entries).

4. The photos must be of your own, participation with others’ photos is not approved.

5. Voting will be carried out through the ‘like‘ buttons per post.

6. Three entries with the highest numbers of ‘likes’ by the aforementioned time will be announced as winners.

7. The winners will be promoted on the front page of EcoTripSos for a day and their blogs will be advertised (125×125 ad space on the sidebar) for 30 consecutive days (until 25 January 2015, 23:59 GMT +2). If the winner(s) is a member without a personal blog, they can promote their social media profiles or receive an authentic Edirne (Turkey) item as the prize.

The sidebar is visible on all the pages of EcoTripSos.

8. Automated or fraudulent ‘likes’ will be taken out of the evaluation if discovered by EcoTripSos. The script that we use is programmed to accept 1 vote per person.

9. Since multiple entries by the same person are allowed, in the case of the same member’s entries getting to the top-3, s/he can have all the ad spaces for himself/herself or share them with another member that s/he chooses.

In the case of sharing, the member that the winner will share the ad spaces with is required to have participated in the contest.

10. We have organized this contest because we love getting to know other bloggers (yeah, this means we love you, too!) and we are more than pleased to support your work!

Wish you all fun and happy travels!  😀


  1. 5 December 2014  18:06 by Alexander Russell Reply

    Excellent writing, i did read it twice so sorry for that, i have passed it on to my mates, so with a bit of luck
    they will like it as well.

  2. 5 December 2014  05:08 by Lillian Howard Reply

    fantastic use of vocabulary in the article, it really did
    help when i was surfing around

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