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Top-5 Airlines in the World in 2014

Farnborough is a small town in southern England, somewhere to the west of London. Small as it is, this small town hosts an important event every two years, called the “Farnborough International Airshow”.

Within the show, important names of the aviation world show up as well as the producers and around 1500 exhibitors to introduce their products. Some of the notable corporations presenting their products in the show are Amazon, Google and Facebook while other exhibitors from different countries like Malaysia, Brazil, Tunisia and many more [1]…

Another signifcant part of the airshow is that the best airlines in the world are ranked every two years. All the variables like luxury, economy or ground services are taken into account while forming the rankings and the last ranking was done only 2-3 weeks ago. Let’s have a look at the top-5 best airlines in the world, according to the results of Farnborough International Airshow [2].

5. Turkish Airlines

turkish airlines
Turkish Airlines

On the rise in the last 10 years and a member of the Star Alliance, Turkish Airlines becomes the 5th best airline in the world, according to the results. The company slogan is “Widen your world”.

4. Emirates           

Emirates Airlines
Emirates Airlines


The best airline in the world according to Skytrax 2013 data, Emirates Airlines of the United Arab Emirates, with the slogan “Fly Emirates, is down to the 4th place in 2014.

3. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines

Established in 1947 under the name Malayan Airlines, Singapore Airlines is the 3rd best in the world according to the results. The company is a Star Alliance member since 2000 with the slogan “A great way to fly”.

2. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways

Operating since 1993 with the slogan “Taking you more personally”, Qatar Airways becomes the 2nd best airline in the world.

1. Cathay Pacific

cathay pacific
Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is the de facto international airline of Hong Kong and with an 2011 revenue of around $100 Million [3], it is rewarded the title “the best airline in the world”. The company slogan is “People. They make an airline”.

These are the top-5 airlines of the aviation world. The list is followed respectively by ANA All Nippon, Garuda Indonesia, Asiana, Etihad and Lufthansa. To my surprise, British Airways is not in the top-10, but quantitave data don’t lie, right?





Top-5 Airlines in the World / Dünyanın En Kaliteli Havayolu Şirketleri
Article Name
Top-5 Airlines in the World / Dünyanın En Kaliteli Havayolu Şirketleri
Top-5 Airlines in the World / Dünyanın En Kaliteli Havayolu Şirketleri

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