Torun - Poland

Torun – Poland


Torun is a medieval city that lies in the north of Poland, by theRiver Vistula. Being the place of birth of Copernicus, Torun has been able to find its rightous place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city is considered to be among the seven wonders of Poland.

As for the currency of the country, the official one is Zloty, which means ‘gold’ in Polish. One Zloty is approximately onr fifth of Euro, that is, about 0.2 Euros.

Torun - Polonya


Torun History and Architecture


It is known that the first residents of the city settled around 1100 BC. The city expanded and improved during the middle ages, rising in architecture, economy and arts. Having strong commercial ties with other cities at the time, a complete list can be found on a pavement in the Old Town Square. The City Hall of Torun is a great example of Gothic Architecture.
A lot of buildings, belonging to different architectural schools, are present in the town centre, in their original states. The fact that Torun was luckily not among the cities that were bombarded and destroyed in WWII, makes it possible for the city to preserve its originality easily.

When it comes to Torun’s sights to see, churches, museums and Copernicus’s Hourse are must-sees. You can also enjoy the bird’s eye view of Torun from one of the buildings in the Town Square.

What to eat or drink in Torun?

Some of the oldest buildings of Torun operate as restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels, gladly serving Torun’s visitors. Speaking of restaurants, you must be wondering what to eat there. The ravioli looking ‘Pierogi’, which an imporant meal in Torun, is quite attractive and delicious. A must-eat in Torun! And never ever finish your Torun tour without eating the Polish Ginderbread, ‘Pierniki’, one of the best in Torun. You can also find Turkish, Chinese food in some places, if you’d like.

Transportation in Torun

Transportation to and from Torun is dealt with by intercity trains or bus, mostly run by Polski Bus. If you travel by train, you can reach Torun from Warsaw in 3.5 hours.

For local transportation, you can use buses or trams. Tickets are sold by the kiosks around, or inside the bus or tram. The tickets are usable both for buses and trams.


Info about Torun

A huge statue of Copernicus catches the eye one you reach the city centre. During national holidays, the statue is ornamented, a different style for each holiday. Moreover, the Iron Donkey Statue opposide Copernicus’s statue is also eye-catching. Previously used to punish the criminals of Torun, the donkey statue is used by tourists for photography today. After exploring the Old Town Square, you can take a short walk through the city walls to reach River Vistula. There you can have some fresh air on the boats that provide the best view of both the city and the river, enjoying your drink.

Social and cultural life in Torun, where both nights and days are astonishing, is quite developed. You can spend your time in cinemas, operas, theatres or bars and night clubs. You can even visit the zoo in the city centre! If the weather is fine, you can also enjoy the lake and the park around it, which is 5 minutes of walking from the city centre.


Torun is a city that will inspire you with its shy but helpful and also smiling people as well as its untouched nature. We strongly recommend you to visit and experience this city, full of history and memories.

Torun - Poland
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Torun - Poland
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