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Tour the States by Train: USA Rail Pass

Interrailing, train touring, travelling by train... While writing about all these, we've had the chance to give you detailed information on Interrail, touching the issues of where [...]

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Where to Hitch-hike? Where not to?

Hitch-hiking is a great adventure for most of us, and a great danger for some. For EcoTripSos - Budget Travel Guide, it is fast and and comfortable transportation (Yes, faster than[...]

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15 Safety Tips for Interrail and Balkan Flexipass

In our articles Interrail and Balkan Flexipass, we have attempted to cover the basics for starters. This article is about safety precautions to help making your rail tour experienc[...]

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15 Tips for Cycling Safety

In our previous cycling article, we have attempted to give you some information about the issue. But recently, we have realized that we have skipped one critical point: Cycling Saf[...]

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Budget Comfort: Carpooling

So you`re one of these guys who want to travel cheap but still do not want to leave comfort aside? Carpooling is your best shot! Briefly explained, carpooling is sharing your ride [...]

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How to Find a Cheap Train Ticket?

Train trips serve many people's need of transportation in Europe, Russia, China etc. Most railway companies establish campaigns just like airline companies. Apart from that, a trai[...]

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One Thumb Rules Them All: Hitchhiking

Dictionaries define the word 'travel' as a trip or journey... Isn't that why we are here after all? Yes, with a single difference, though.  We don't want to mention a single letter[...]

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How to Find the Cheapest Flight Ticket?

With the advancements in technology and the increase in the number of airlines, people of all economic backgrounds can now use planes as a means of transportation. Inevitably, vari[...]

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Heart-Friendly Transport: Cycling

Cycling is a way of entertainment for some, sports for others and a means of transportation without a doubt. Today, thousands of people cycle to work because they know that it is l[...]