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How to travel for free, if you are a student?

How to travel for free, if you are a student?

Several ways to see the world without spending a lot of money.

Exchange rate increases but anyway we all want to travel. Hotels, tickets, meals – all this is not cheap. But there are options to travel the world for free, well, almost free.

Ways to travel free of charge:

Camping wild

Those who are going to camp wild need to decide two questions: how to move and where to live


Own car. We need to buy gasoline (but you buy it at home as well), as well as to pay for parking. On toll roads, you should not worry, because there is always a free road. In any case, going by car is cheaper than buying a plane ticket or a train one, especially if you are traveling with a big gang of people.

Hitchhiking. This option is not bad, but does not work in some countries. In addition, the safest thing will be to hitchhike with your friends.


A bike. A lot of students use this type of transport that does not need any service to travel round  Europe, for example. However, to be able to perform a long ride by bike you need to be in a good physical shape. Bike has got the main advantage: it’s cheap! You will not pay to ride a bike in the city, nor on the highway, parking will also cost nothing. If armed with a tent, you can spend the night camping.

In case you have no car, for a bicycle it is too far away, and you do not want to go hitchhiking, remember that there are low-cost airlines. Look for available tickets they have. There’s no food on board, you can take no luggage in order not to pay more (or take a suitcase for an additional fee). Anyway, the flight will cost several times cheaper than turning to other airlines.


Camping is a good option. Tear yourself away from the Internet and college term papers! Camping spots are often located outside the city.


Hostels. If you are in a big company, you can reserve a room for all of you, then the night will cost you very small amount of money.

CouchSurfing. The best option. Register on Souchsurfing web site and start to search for housing. You go round the world either by yourself or with a friend and live in the people’s houses without paying anything. Though you can pay tribute to your hosts by bringing them some small gifts from your native country. The only disadvantage is that you should follow their rules. If they go to bed at ten o’clock, you will have also to give up late trips to clubs or concerts. However, all can be arranged in advance and sometimes it is possible to come to terms with your hosts.

There is another option – to apply to hfholidays. This is the European organization that sends all people willing to hike to the mountains supporting them all the way.


Volunteer programs is a common way to travel the world. It is only necessary to decide what you’re interested in, and also to study which areas of volunteering are offered. To start with, here is a list of several organizations for volunteers:


Sudan Volunteer Programme

Suitable for linguists, students who can teach children English. Of course, you will have to work in Sudan, so the great chance to experience life there.


This is a storehouse of volunteer programs. Choose a suitable area or country and travel the world. The main thing, as elsewhere, is the knowledge of the language.


The organization that offers a wide range of opportunities for volunteers. You can encounter the program in almost any country and in any area of knowledge (from  medicine and education to the economy).

Conservation Volunteers

This is an advice for those who dream of going to Australia and New Zealand. You will deal with the protection of nature and will have the opportunity to also enjoy it!

United Nations Volunteers

UN program for volunteers is for those  who are older than 25 years and have a higher education. The important condition is the knowledge of English, French or Spanish.


Another great option to travel the world – education programs. It is not always necessary to pay for them. Sometimes you can learn for free. Erazmus mundus scholarships are available for students all over the world. Be ready to apply for one of the bachelor’s or master’s programs.

Youth in Action

The educational program for young people up to 30 years. It gives grants to study in the European Union. And if you receive a grant, you will pay only for the flight, visa and nutrition. What is offered? Thematic workshops. For example, a couple of weeks you can learn tolerance and at the same time get acquainted with the beauty of Britain.


The international educational project, in which students can gain an internship or participate in an exchange program. The organization offers options in more than 100 countries around the world. Check it out!

Food and shelter

Around the world, farmers are looking for helpers. Most likely you will not be paid- only be accommodated and fed. Plus you have to work a few hours a day. However, it is a great opportunity to get acquainted not only with the traditions and culture, but also with real life of a particular country.

That is why if you are student that is dreaming of becoming an experienced traveler you are able to do that almost for free or at least with small amount of money. Remember, there is always a way out!

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