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Christmas in Hawaii

Hi everyone!My name is Toya, and I had an amazing opportunity to spend Christmas 2014 in the beautiful state of Hawaii!  It was unlike anything I had ever experienced on Ch[...]

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The EcoTripSos Christmas Photo Contest

Here we are, with another photo contest with a prize you can't refuse!  We know we're far far away for most of you, but this shouldn't mean we can't give you Christmas gifts! W[...]

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Jumping on Noordhoek Beach, South Africa

The big South Africa jump

This photo was taken at Noordhoek beach near Cape Town, South Africa. My boyfriend and I were on a 2 month break in South Africa, discovering everything around the Western, and p[...]

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Jumping For Joy

Hi, my name is Fionn (pronounce as Fe-on). This photo was taken at Goblin Valley State Park in Utah back in October. Goblin Valley State Park is a great place to use your imagina[...]

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The Best Ski Resorts of 2014 - World Ski Awards

The best ski resorts of 2014 have recently been announced at the A-ROSA Kitzbühel, Austria by World Ski Awards, owned by World Travel Events Ltd. The winners of 2014 were presented[...]