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Lauren jumps in Morocco

This shot was taken by my friend Emily on our trip to Marrakech in February. We spent a few days in Morocco and had a wonderful time exploring the desert, riding camels and con[...]

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow in South Africa - Jumping under a rainbow on our way to volunteer in Muizenberg

Somewhere Over The Rainbow in South Africa

While on our way to volunteer in the Dreams to Reality teaching program at a primary school in Muizenberg, South Africa, we noticed a brilliant rainbow stretching out throu[...]

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The EcoTripSos Jump Shot Contest!

Now you can sign up on EcoTripSos, post your stories, photos or videos to share with your friends! If people like your post, you can even make it to the FRONT PAGE!In orde[...]

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The Biggest Countries in the World by Population

The population of the world has been increasing since the beginning of mankind (well, except for the Great Famine in between 1315 - 1317 and the Black Death in 1350 when literall[...]

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Taking a Winter Holiday to Ibiza

Ibiza is the summer club capital, with some of the best raves and music that the world has to offer. So why would anyone want to visit this island during the winter months, when al[...]

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5 Most Common Religions, 5 Amazing Temples

Faith has had a significant impact on human behavior and people have been building temples around the world probably since the beginning of human history. The first known templ[...]

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Travelling Beauties: Travel Bloggers with a Style

Once upon a time, there was a king and a queen. They had no children, thus they were very sad. One day, the queen gave birth to a lovely baby girl and celebrations were organized[...]

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: The Origins and Spread

Nowadays the world’s quite busy with a game called the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, basically, it involves dumping a bucket of ice water on one’s head and challenging others to do the s[...]