Travelling Beauties

Travelling Beauties: Travel Bloggers with a Style

Once upon a time, there was a king and a queen. They had no children, thus they were very sad. One day, the queen gave birth to a lovely baby girl and celebrations were organized. Everyone was invited for the feast, kings of far far away lands, their queens and the fairies of the forest.

Everyone was happy in the celebration, dancing, feasting and giving their blessings to the newborn baby girl. The fairies, one by one, were wishing the baby well saying “May she grow older and be healthy all her life”. However, when it was the turn for one of the old fairies to give her blessings, she said “When the baby is sixteen, she’ll touch a spindle and travel around the spinning world all her life!”.

Little did the king know, that she would actually travel all her life, across the world, seeing every corner that was totally virgin to the mankind, until she passed away.

But today, her offspring continue to walk the earth to the most barren corners in order to know, teach and explore!

In this post, I’d like to introduce you to the feminine way of travelling. These people you’re going to get to know were touched by the fairies of Hermes’s long ago and, having the divine kindness in them, they’re sharing it all on their blogs!

Without further ado, here are the traveling beauties whose blogs I am sure you’ll enjoy big time! FYI, there’s no ranking in the list.


On Jenna’s blog, you can find information both about your dream destination and tips on travel topics. Also a social activist, Jenna’s blog is definitely worth a visit. Watch her video to meet Jenna!


Ariana, a.k.a The Bosnian Aussie does a perfect job sharing her travel experiences as well as useful tips! Watch her video to meet Ariana!



First things first, Alyssa is not only a travel blogger. She also writes about the life in Hollywood along with a lot of fun miscellaneous posts. Only one thing is certain, you’ll keep coming back to her blog!

Alyssa Ramos is a Travel Blogger living in LA with a severe case of wanderlust and wonderlust. She is 26 years young and has been to 6 continents, with the intention to visit the 7th (Antarctica) in the next year. Aside from running her Travel Blog, “”, Alyssa is also a freelance PR and Social Media Consultant, and considered a socialite and  philanthropist in her community.
Alyssa recently traveled one full revolution around the world from LA to South Africa (where she volunteered teaching English) to Thailand, then Sydney, then back to LA, all in three weeks. She hopes to travel to Antarctica next to accomplish visiting all 7 continents by the time she is 27, making her one of the youngest female Americans to complete the world-wide journey.
She also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Psychology, and has a severe obsessesion with wine, food, people, her dog, writing, travel, and life in general.
Follow Alyssa on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too!



Also known as ‘The Luckiest Girl in the World’, Marysia is a big time traveler who has seen many countries, from Benin to the States. She is also a host to a wide range of guest writers, who contributed to her blog with greatly useful content!

Marysia Maciocha is the Crazy Polish Girl behind My Travel Affairs Blog. An avid traveller, circling around the globe for past 9 years. She list Middle East, Central Asia and Africa as her favourite regions to travel around. Last year she felt in love with Iran, while she continue her big affair with Tel Aviv. The list of the countries she want to visit is kind of parallel to list of the countries which all governments advice you to stay away from, like Pakistan, Yemen and North Korea! Brave Girl!



A crazy girl from Newfoundland, Canada, Candice’s blog has a lot to offer about her hometown, travelling and travel gear. Her “Humour” page is highly recommended!

Candice is a travelling ginger from Newfoundland and Labrador who has been blogging for six years and writing her whole life. She’s not particularly a good traveller, but she embraces all unfortunate circumstances and whips them into storytelling fun. She’s always honest, thinks of herself as a funny person, and likes to meet new people. She’s passionate about cheese and beards.



Diana is a Romanian travel blogger who defines herself as a :

“Young travel blogger who discovers the wonders of Europe. Wanderlust since I was born. Join me and I’ll show the world bit by bit!”.



Jadah’s been bloggin for a while and hers is not your typical travel blog. You can find a variety of topics from reviews to interviews in The Query Faerie. Let’s see how she defines herself:

I’ve been blogging for about a year now, mostly doing book reviews, query critics, and writing tips at In June I found myself needing to escape, change things up a bit. So I traveled to Costa Rica, my first trip out of the country. Since that trip, travelling has become one of my biggest passions, second only to writing. In December I’ll be in Prague, Rome, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Next year I’m planning a three month excursion to Ireland, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Costa Rica! So stay tuned, folks! There’s plenty more to come!



Blogging on a various topics, from arts&culture to tales of adventure, Amy’s blog is definitely worth a visit. Here’s her bio:

Amy Lynne Hayes is a freelance writer and designer with a serious passion for travel. When she’s not sipping wine in a Parisian Cafe or snapping photos of her great destination, she can be found on the coast of sunny South Florida. Staying put in one place isn’t in her nature – she has visited more than 20 countries, and has lived for extended periods in London, Paris, and Melbourne, Australia. As of October 2014, she’ll have added one more place to her list of homes away from home: New Zealand. And the adventures continue.


Misty Milioto

Specializing in luxurious travel in numerous destinations, it’s definitely a good idea to benefit from Misty’s experiences. Let’s see what she says about herself in her bio:

Misty Milioto has been a writer and editor for the past 14 years. The majority of her work has been with Modern Luxury’s suite of regional publications. She also currently works as contributing managing editor of Aspen Magazine and Editor of New Orleans Living. After thinking about starting a travel blog for many years, she finally took the plunge and started “Girl Will Travel” a few months ago. She loves everything from luxe destinations and accommodations to food and wine – and everything in between. In her free time, Misty enjoys the bounty of foodie goodness in New Orleans (where she currently resides), and she’s looking forward to completing her yoga teacher training in January.”



Janisha’s blog is yet brand new, but so far she’s been doing great with the US destinations. Let’s see who this crazy traveler is:

“Janisha is a 24 year from Prince George’s County, Maryland, a suburb on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. She has been traveling since she was a child but within the last year she has decided to step up her traveling. She recently applied for a passport and plans on traveling abroad in November. Follow this beauty’s travels on her blog Janisha Travels.”



So you’re looking for a high-rank travel blogger? Here you’ve got Janicke! See why below:

Janicke Hansen owns and operates Norske Reiseblogger and she is a travel blogger by profession. Janicke works actively with various companies as well as tourism organizations arranging tours and promoting destinations. She is also a board member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association representing Europe.”



Desiree is a travel blogger working for the accommodation search web site, Travelground. Here’s a bit of info about her:

Desiree Haakonsen loves God, people (husband&kids in particular) and life because they are her inspiration to go out, explore and help others! She’s a lover of food, colors and the smell of rain… She’s still trying to decide what to be when she grows up, but it is certain that she’ll be in well-worn shoes in 5 years!”.



Gloria a.k.a the Nomadic Chica blogs about her personal travel experiences as well as destinations and travel tips. She defines herself as follows:

A physiotherapist, reiki and massage therapist, foodie, dog-lover, traveler, dreamer and have a curious soul, only add to that a South American spice! She believes traveling is in her genes due to her immigrant family, so she just can’t help it!”



With a great design, Emme also blogs about various destinations from the UK to the US! Have a look at who she is:

“Emme is a traveler in her 20’s, but she also has the qualities of being an adventurer and the owner of Travarella. She started travelling when she was 20, and been travelling ever since. She started Travarella in 2014 to help and inspire others who are on the same way as she is.”



On Lucy’s blog, it is possible to find a great deal of info about lifestyles, travelling and festivals! Definitely worth a visit…

“Lucy defines herself as an editor, lifestyle and travel blogger who can work really hard and party really harder! She’s a big fan of making her life happier, so she asks in her blog: ‘Why not join me and do the same?”. She’ll be about travelling in January by herself, so expect even more interesting stories from Lucy!”.


Kelly Hayes - travellinghistory

Kelly’s been running the “Travelling History”, a vast blog with a huge amount of useful info, with two other fellow bloggers. Have a look at what she has to say about herself:

“As a history graduate and passionate traveller, Kelly has been blogging for the past year about the historical side of travelling and is the Executive Editor and Head Blogger at Kelly also works as a freelance travel writer, creating content for various websites. Originally from Canada, she is now living in Scotland and during the past year Kelly has travelled to various destinations and made some unforgettable memories. She has thoroughly enjoyed the European travel experience and is planning to continue her wonderful adventure.”


Marissa from Colorado blogs about a range of topics from travel to fitness, which are all vital for those who travel as a lifestyle. Here’s a short bio from Ms Sutera… 🙂

“Marissa is a travel blogger and fitness enthusiast blogging at It’s The Little Things about her adventures and ultimately appreciating the little things in life. She first started writing she studied abroad and got bit by the travel bug, and she hasn’t stopped writing since. She is currently based in Colorado where she searches for any experiences to temporarily cure her wanderlust in between traveling the world.”


chiara machedavvero

The Italian girl living in London, Chiara, also a columnist in Cosmopolitan, writes about various stuff, from food to travel. And she defines herself as:

“Hi! I’m Chiara 🙂 I launched my blog (which means ‘Are you kidding me?’ in Italian, first thing said after seein the positive pregnancy test) in 2008. It was first all about my unexpected maternity experience, but it soon became a lifestyle blog where I talked about my everyday life and things I liked. I moved from Rome to London 3 years ago and, since then, the focus of my blog shifted to lifestyle and travel. I started travelling a lot, both for pleasure and work, and sharing my trip adventures and my travel photos became addictive 🙂 Now I am collaborating with many brands and tourism boards who help me do what I love best: pack a suitcase! My blog is in double language: Italian and English, I am also a journalist for a few Italian magazines (Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Gioia, Jamie Oliver Mag) and I wrote a bestseller book “Quello che le mamme non dicono” (What moms don’t tell – Rizzoli, 2010).”


Shanny Matterson - fiftytwotruths

An Australian blogger, Shanny, who blogs on travel destinations, tips, adventures and a little bit of life in general has also been rising recently in the world of travel bloggers. Her adventures are especially a lot of fun to read!

“Avid traveller. Freelance writer. Havaianas enthusiast. Espresso addict. Sunshine lover. Freedom junkie. Adventure seeker.All in a bitesize 5″2 pocket rocket of raw energy and honesty. See inside her world at FiftyTwo Truths or check out her freelance work for”.


Towe Ahlin

Towe writes about her travels (and great food she has) in her blog “Towis” in her native tongue, Swedish. But don’t let this put you off of visiting her great blog! Just right click somewhere on her blog and click on “Translate”, you won’t regret it! 🙂

“Towe Ahlin, travelblogger from  Stockholm, Sweden. Blog about my travels around Europe and Asia but also life in Stockholm and share a lot of photos from around the world. I lived in Bangkok for 3 years and know the city very well.”


Zoe - zoegathi

Zoe is a Greek traveller and foodie who has been blogging about her travel experiences since 2013. If you’re looking for stylish photos of world’s famous destinations, she’s your girl!

“Creative type, dreamer, Travel Blogger, 28 countries and counting. Food and wine enthusiast. Fan of luxury. I love to discover new lands, to meet new people, to know new cultures, to live new experiences. I always pause along the way to take photos!  My Motto: One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”


Katie in London

Katie is a New Zealander who’s been travelling hard for 10 years, which makes her an experienced traveler! Check out her bio for more about her:

“Originally from New Zealand, Katie has been living abroad and travelling the world for the past 10 years. In 2012, after 7 years living in London, Katie and her boyfriend Trav and packed their bags and embarked on a 13 month trip through 14 countries in the Americas. Now living in Sydney by the ocean and trying to balance work, life and travel. Blogging about her misadventures over at The World on my Necklace.”



Rachael is a Scorpio who never takes “No” as an answer! 🙂 Take a look at how she defines herself:

“My name is Rachael Ashley. I’m an aspiring travel blogger and an avid bucket-lister. I dream to travel the world, complete my bucket-list, learn about new cultures, and meet some amazing people along the way. Twitter: @ashleyyrayy Instagram: @ashley.rayy”



Lisette from Holland! Although her blog is in Dutch, I personally experienced that the “translate” function of “Chrome” does a pretty good job… Take a look at Lisette’s bio:

Lisette from The Netherlands is a travelling beauty with brains. She has a Master Degree in Criminology and is working fulltime, but in her free time her biggest passion is to discover beautiful spots around the world. The jungle of Laos, the volcanoes of Nicaragua, the colourful markets of Turkey and the narrow streets of Cracow. You can find this and more on her travel blog. Unfortunately, her blog is written in Dutch, but her Instagram account is English! You can join her on her travels on too!


Dalia - getting close to

Dalia, in cooperation with Sara and Claire has been blogging about her travels as well as food and culture in an “unconventional” way as she puts it. Here’s some more info about her:

“Dalia is the host of Getting Close to, the video travel blog that shows you how to NOT be an ordinary traveler. You’ll get an inside view of travel destinations, bond with locals and have fun with the surroundings. Her goal is to take travel blogging to a new level with video montage, music and interviews with locals and other travelers. She finds adventure in the most unexpected people and places. Join her crawling inside the Egyptian pyramids, tasting Barcelona cocktails and hiking up a glacier in the Alps (in sneakers). After watching you’ll never want to travel the same way again! Also follow her on: TwitterFacebookPinterestInstagramGoogle + and Youtube.”


Katie - from shores to skylines

A traveler since 2001 and a biologist, Katie’s been documenting her travels in quite an entertaining way. Read some more about her here, only to join her travels on her blog!

“Katie caught the travel bug in 2001 and has had an insatiable case of wanderlust ever since. An explorer at heart, she kept her day job as a biologist and travels the world every chance she gets. You might find her diving, hiking, chowing down on local food or scoping out historical monuments. An avid foodie, she’s always on the look out for new food and even recreates the recipes on her blog.”


cristina luisa chronicles of a travel addict

I have a special interest in Cristina and her blog since the blog has a great design and Cristina is a colleague of mine! 🙂 Do read more about her and visit her blog!

“Cristina Luisa is a travel writer, aspiring photographer, ESL teacher, Latin Americanist, vegan, and Beat Generation junky. She has an insatiable lust for international and domestic travel. So far, she has lived in, traveled through, volunteered, and taught in 22+ countries. Her site, Chronicles of a Travel Addict, is dedicated to telling stories of her travels and to inspiring those who wish to explore this insanely gorgeous world.”


lisa eldridge girl about the globe

With her classy outfits and lively personality, Lisa is a solo traveler who has a great passion for what she’s doing. Here’s what you need to know about her:

“Girl about the Globe (aka Lisa Eldridge) is a self-confessed travel addict who has spent the last 17 years living and working about the globe. Specialising in solo female travel, Lisa has now been to 83 countries and 44 of these as a solo female. During the day she’s a cultural, spiritual traveller but at night, she can be spotted glammed up in a swanky bar sampling the local nightlife.  Lisa’s mission is to make solo travel easier, smarter and ethical with her website Girl about the Globe, a travel resource website for other solo female travellers. Her book on how to travel solo is out soon!”


Anna - Global Gallivanting

Anna is our next travelling beauty whose blog is full of ever-useful travel tips and real life experiences gained through in-depth travels. Have a look at who Anna is:

Anna Phipps is a writer, dreamer and travel addict from England. Believing a life of regret was more scary than the open road she left the UK in Dec 2012 and has been falling in love with the temples, food, culture and chaos of Asia and working in the Australian Outback ever since. Anna’s blog brings these places, cultures and iconic sights to life and aims to show you that a life of travel can be affordable, meaningful and totally achievable. Global Gallivanting is here to inspire and help you to also Stop Dreaming, Start Living, Go Gallivanting!


Anneke - Nomad&Villager

Award winning travel journalists and bloggers, there’s a lot to say about Anneke and Nicole, but their bio speaks for themselves, have a look!

To begin with Nomad & Villager are two cool ladies, at least that is what we think. Photographer and journalist. We lead a busy life, have a handful of kids, the obligatory cat, a dog that has to go for a pee. Again. We met in 2010 in  the digital aisle of Twitter. A live meeting followed and two weeks later we were on a bus full of women to a village full of men.  Our first foreign feature. Sold to national newspaper NRC-Next. I know, it caught us by surprise as well. After that more stories followed. About the alleged Scottish murderer Charlie and the Iraqi minister M (asculinity.) There were times we needed to be rescued from a Norwegian ravine, had to eat a bagel with mayo and lynx or barely survived a walk over fire. We rolled out a sleeping bag between HIV-infected Ugandan orphans, at other times we shivered beneath the sheets in a room full of stuffed knights. Still, every day. In our travel features we look for the stories of the men and the women in the street. Often unusual stories. We jumped out of a cessna, layed like corpses in a body bag in a sledge and hung deep green over the railing of a cruise boat. We portrayed Chinese workers in the Netherlands and had us hand cuffed by the police in Iceland, safest country in the world. Ok, that is a lie. But we did try.


Irma - mijnturkije

Irma worked in the Turkish fashion scene for 4 years which gave her a great deal of insights about the Turkish culture and lifestyle. Now she runs a lifestyle web site entirely about Turkey and the Turkish lifestyle. To have a closer look at life in Turkey with the aspect you’ve never experienced before, visit Mijn Turkije!

Irma Hagenouw is a intercultural individual.
She used to live in Turkey for 4 years and is the creator and owner of Mijn Turkije a lifestyle website about the good life  in Turkey and the joy-de vivre of the Turkish people.
Beside that she is the co-founder of www.turkey4health. A company that  provides medical check-up trips to Istanbul.
Her main goal is to create a more positive image of Turkey and to make the most misunderstood country a bit more understandable. She is also a great lover of modern architecture, interior design and Turkish fashion designers.


Kasha - Lines of Escape

A Polish Capetonian living in London, there’s a lot to learn from Kasha’s blog, from life in London, to her experiences from various parts of the world. Here’s some more info about Kasha:

Kasha Dubaniewicz is a Polish South African who left her home of 20+ plus years for new adventures in London. With a particular interest in active travel, quirky destinations and a memorable story, she travels at every and any opportunity. You can follow her misadventures on her blog, Lines of Escape, as well as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Lydia - Perrero Travel

Having just recently finished university, Lydia has started writing about her travels and she’s on the move since then. With a great design and a huge amount of knowledge about various destinations, city guides and travel product reviews, her greatly designed blog is a must-visit!

I first started traveling quite a while ago- now as I have traveled to about 40 countries on different types of trips, I have decided to share the things I have learnt through my website: Perrero Travel.  I regularly update it with blogs, articles, guides and reviews- so stay tuned.


Sanna - Adventures of a Finn

As a Finnish communications professional living in the US, it is not difficult to guess why information provided by Sanna is so much fun to read. Also including tips&tricks on travelling, Adventures of a Finn is a great blog for travelers!

Travelling, films and good stories in all forms are Sanna’s great passions in life. In a way it could be said that good stories are her one passion, as to her life is a story. This is exactly why she hopes to share great stories around the world through her blog, Adventures Of A Finn (got the inspiration for the name from Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain). Sanna has always had a hunger for adventures. This hunger has driven her to travel around the world, try new things constantly and even jump out of an airplane. Jungles and cities both work, as long as there are new experiences on the way. Sanna has travelled in 27 countries so far and doesn’t plan to stop there. Currently she is living and working in Hancock, Michigan.


Chelsea & Kinsey - Travelin Chicks

From hostel reviews to crazy adventures, Chelsea & Kinsey’s blog is full of great posts that one could easily spend hours reading. The girls also organize contests from time to time, so don’t forget to visit their ‘Contests’ page at least every once in a while!

We are Chelsea & Kinsey.  Two sisters, you heard us right, that have been traveling the world together for the past 5 years and have no end in sight.  We believe in traveling with little to no plans.  Seeing where the wind takes us has lead to some amazing discoveries and friends.  We have taught ourselves how to shoot and edit video so get ready for some silly adventures!
Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, too!


Morgan Sullivan - A Beautiful View
Morgan is a travel and lifestyle blogger with working experience in South Korea. In her blog, she has a great combination of travel writing as well as personal and funny pieces of writing. Here’s Morgan’s bio:
Morgan is a Colorado native with suburban sensibilities and penthouse dreams. She writes about life as a millennial wander, self-improvement through travel, and the realities of teaching English in Korea on her website A Beautiful View. Currently in the throes of a desperate battle between dreamland and adulthood, she invites you to come along as she explores this crazy beautiful world of ours.


Le Lei Clavey

Along with travel related posts, Lei Lei from Perth writes also about fashion and food. If you’re looking for some ideas on shoes and where to eat, she’s your girl…

Hello, my name is Lei Lei, and my blog is Lei Lady Lei. Based in Perth, I grew up in Melbourne and moved to Perth in 2012 for adventure and for love. In 2010, I packed my bags and moved to New York City to pursue my dream of working in the fashion industry and living in one of the greatest cities in the world. For two years I explored the vibrant streets, met and worked with some of the most amazing and creative people in the industry, but most importantly, I learnt more about myself than I ever thought was possible. Although I decided to follow my heart to Perth, NYC will always be a special place for me. Having lived around the world in New York City, California, Paris and Belgium, I caught the travel bug early. I live discovering new places, people and cultures!


Heather Rader - Ohio Girl Travels
 A travel blogger from Ohio, Heather is kind enough to share her memories, reflections and thoughts about her hometown as well as the world in her blog. Looking for some more info about her? Keep reading…

Heather grew up in a small, rural town in Ohio. At a young age, she never dreamed of traveling the world. Once bitten by the travel bug in 2001, her dreams now only consist of traveling the world and visiting as many places as she can. Heather writes her blog to inspire others to travel and gain confidence as a citizen of the world! When not traveling internationally, she travels throughout the United States, and around her home state of Ohio, sharing the beauty of this Midwestern state. You can follow her adventures on her blog, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Stephania Guglielmi - Every Steph

Stefania does a special thing by writing not only about her travels, but also responsible tourism. Hers is a great blog for those who can protect the environment while travelling.

Stefania Guglielmi is a tireless traveler and coffee addict, with a passion for suitcases, writing and good food (of course, she is italian!); she strongly believes in responsible travel and ecotourism. In the past few years she lived the billionaire life in Vegas, developed a bed bugs phobia in Los Angeles, survived in a frat house for a few months, worked for a fashion agency in London, picked olives in Sicily, and managed to end up in the bad part of the city …uhm…nearly anywhere. You can follow her adventures also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Elena - elenastravelgram

Originally from Ukraine, Elena is a travel blogger from France. Apart from the destinations she traveled and French food, her blog is full of useful travel tips and even visa advice!

Elena is an expat in charming French town, Besancon in Franche-Comte –probably the least traveled provinces of all, making it even more fun to explore. She talks about her past travels around Asia and Europe, daily musing of loving and living in France and other inspiring stories of life and travel at her travel blog Elena knows how to have awesome adventures on a shoestring budget, what to do when you got lost in the jungles and how to plan a perfect trip in a perfectly short time period! For latest photos, follow her on Instagram!


Elena - A Dash of Wanderlust

An American woman in Lithuania, Elizabeth gives her readers a lot of insights about a (wide) range of countries, from Sweden to Laos!

On A Dash of Wanderlust Elizabeth writes about tips for the traveler who likes to eat like a local and experience the best a place has to offer. Elizabeth fell in love with traveling at a young age and has taken her love of other countries and cultures to a new level by becoming an expat. Previously, Elizabeth lived in rural China to conduct research for her advanced degree in Biology. She is currently living and working in Lithuania and traveling at any chance she gets. You can follow along with her travels on Instagram and Twitter @DashOWanderlust.



Sarah - Coffee With a Slice of Life

With a really cool design, Sarah blogs about her travels as well as her scuba diving experiences. Also including travel tips and advice, I’m sure you don’t want to deprive yourselves of visiting Sarah’s blog!

Sarah is a Global gypsy, originally from the UK but has successfully avoided living there over the last 4 years. She is a Scuba Diver and Travel Blogger, and makes her way around the world diving, volunteering, taking photos, couch surfing and working. Her mission is to inspire other want to be travelers and to help people realize that travel doesn’t just have to be a lifestyle; it can be a life. Facebook link: Twitter: Instagram:


Taylor Hearts Travel

For those who are looking for ways to travel in a stylish way as well as to find information about various destinations, Char’s blog is the way to go!

Char Taylor is the owner and blogger at Taylor Hearts Travel. She was shortlisted for “Best Female” in the lowcostholidays Blogger Awards 2014, and featured in Company Magazine’s High-Street Edit as a favourite blogger.

Taylor Hearts Travel is a travel lifestyle blog. It showcases stylish, exciting and unique travels. The blog is full of lots of beautiful photographs and features recommendations and inspiration, but also worldly food and drink, insights into jobs related to travel, as well as travel inspired homeware and accessories.

Follow the journey via the website, Taylor Hearts Travel, or on Twitter @TaylorHeartsTvl and Facebook Taylor Hearts Travel.


Valerie - Valerie&Valise

A frequent traveler, Valerie provides great insights to her travels while giving useful tips to her readers on Valerie&Valise. Here’s her bio:

Valerie Stimac is the arguably better half of the blogging duo Valerie & Valise, though her awesome valise (duffel suitcase) might beg to differ. Valerie & Valise is a blog about traveling–with her own combination of self-planned trips, adventurous accidents, and hard-won lessons about the world and blogging about it. Join her on a journey that will inspire, teach, and encourage you to go out and see our amazing planet, even if just close to home.

You can follow Valerie, and her valise, on Twitter (@Valerie_Valise), Facebook (Valerie & Valise), and Instagram (@Valerie_Valise)!


Larissa - Blonde Gypsy Bio Photo

Larissa, also known as The Blonde Gypsy, has a long long list of the countries she traveled on her blog. Also quite skilled at photography and writing, The Blonde Gypsy must most definitely be among your reference blogs before traveling!

Larissa Olenicoff is a travel addict and iPhone photographer with a passion for Europe in particular. Her travel blog is a colorful whirlwind of eye-candy, travel tips, and unexpected adventures that seeks to inspire world travel while simultaneously providing insight into the culture and landscape of destinations. You can keep track of her latest adventures via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @theblondegypsy.


Bhakti - Bhaktismanter

Describing herself as a corporate slave by day and food lover by choice, Bhakti runs two very successful blogs on travel and lifestyle. Why not check out both? 🙂

As a young girl, Bhakti Ajith Menon, aced her academics, read voraciously and swam fast. Now, as a fulltime employee at an Internet and Media Giant, she swims in choppy waters and loves going away to the beaches, when life gets on to her. I have been blogging for 365 days, Gosh! And I love every minute of it. The best part of blogging is that it’s a conversation with your readers, not a code. I completely believe in the saying “Live Well and Travel Often” and blog about the pleasures of travelling and the unique food I enjoy during such travels. So, grab a drink or a bag of popcorn and stay awhile on my blog as little by little, I travel afar for that one great adventure. You can also follow me on Twitter- @bhaktisbanter Instagram- @bhaktisbanter


Amy - Wanderlust Amy

A 24 year-old marketing executive, Amy writes about her travels on her blog, as well as providing useful insights as to the how to’s of travelling. Have a look at some more info about Amy and DO check out her blog! 🙂

Amy Adams is a newbie travel blogger who has recently quit her career and life to explore the world! She is 24 years old and has already visited numerous countries, including a historical tour of Greece, to travelling the Garden Route in South Africa, and partying it up on a beach under a Full Moon in Thailand. Her sense of adventure seems to override any sense of nerves and she’s willing to throw herself into (and off of!) pretty much anything! 
You can follow Amy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Amy - Wanderlust Amy
Walking the earth alone in most times, Lauren does a great job talking about her travels to Europe, the Americas and Africa on Something About her Ramblings. Let’s check out who Lauren is!
Lauren Salisbury is the founder of Something In Her Ramblings, a travel blog aimed at inspiring women and solo travelers to expire the open road. a California native, she has found the best way to get to know a region of the world is to live there, and with that in mind has lived and worked in Australia, Spain and Costa Rica. During her 25th year of life Lauren fulfilled her goal of visiting 25 countries in just one year. With a current country count of 34, Lauren is now living in the Costa Rican rainforest where she is working for an outdoor education company in marketing.


Simona - Travel Hacks
A Slovakian blogger, copywriter, translator and a social media pro, Simona blogs about ‘smart travelling’ in her words, that is, travelling while maximizing the efficiency of the price ratio!  Definitely worth visiting for valuable insights!
I’m a 20-something blogger/social media pro/copywriter, currently living in UK and travelling as much as possible with my beloved Nerd and a red bag (in this order). Also an ex coffee junkie turned green tea lover and vegetarian (for all the reasons people usually ask). My blog Travel Hacks serves as a creative storage for my travel hacks (you wouldn’t guess, right?), inspiration, lovely memories and everything what may come in handy on travels.
You can stalk me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. Or you can just start a conversation, I’ll leave it to you.


Elena - Gone With The Backpack

Originally from Bulgaria, Elena travels the world most of her time and does a great job with her blog, too! Also accepting guest posts, Gone With The Backpack is a perfect place for those who would like to have some preliminary info about many destinations!

Born and raised in Bulgaria, but living in Spain. Been to over 80 countries all around the globe, I travel alone but I am never alone. I try to blend in with the locals anywhere I travel. I hitchhike, I sail, I scuba-dive, I surf, I hike. Anything that makes travelling more authentic and exciting. You can also reach me on Facebook and Twitter!


Vanessa - Wild Jipsee

A blogger from SF Bay Area, Jipsee has a really cool  blog full of her personal stories as well as travel memories. For those who want to have a pleasant time reading, Wild Jipsee is the blog!

Jipsee: /ˈjipsē/ noun: An eccentric dark haired dreamer with a wandering soul, caught in a perpetual vortex, fated to explore diverse lands and its people.

It was on a Pan Am red-eye headed to Venezuela, that a tiny 6 year old was bit by the travel bug. A California native with Latin American roots, Jipsee attended school in Hawaii, bartended in several Sicilian nightclubs and taught English while living in a small town in Spain. Other travels include various European & South American countries and of course travel within the USA, with New York being among one of her forever loves. draws from the silly, absurd & random events in life. There you will find everything from hiking, road trips, waiting standby, reviews, international travel, nightlife, music and photography. One thing you can definitely count on is that anything goes in the mind of this eccentric and Wild Jipsee. You can follow her adventures also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Ana - Ana Viajera

An established author, Ana keeps the record of her travels on her blog and apart from her great travel stories, she’ll give you all the secrets of travelling with a toddler!

Ana Maria Villanueva-Lykes is a widely published writer, photographer, and editor. Her work has seen print in Southeast Asia, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, London, Melbourne, and the United States. With over a 1,000 published articles and counting, she covers almost any topic under the sun from travel to toddlers, fitness to fast food, beauty and beyond. She recently quit her job as a travel columnist (in Oklahoma City) and editor in chief (for AsianTraveler Magazine) to answer to a bigger boss: a demanding toddler. She does most of her traveling now with her boys (hubby included) and is a great advocate of a life of exploration even if it were just in one’s backyard.

You can read and view some of her published works at Ana Viajera and her travel shorts at



Adriana Vassilkova - Adventure Flair

Adriana does a great job managing two blogs in Bulgarian and English. The best part is, they’re both about travel! Join Adriana to learn about budget travel!

Adriana Vassilkova is 27 years old travel blogger from Bulgaria, author of two blogs about budget traveling and travelling across the Balkans in both Bulgarian and English.
Her Bulgarian blog was awarded for the best blog in Bulgaria for the year 2014.
Adriana is a positive person with huge smile, who always try to look on the bright side of things. She likes hiking, surfing, roller coasters, collecting maps and hates suitcases. But her backpack is her best friend.
She believes in the spontaneous decisions, the waves, the smiles, and the magic power of nature. In other words, she lives to travel and travels to live.
Adriana also works as a private tour guide in Bulgaria, travel consultant and destination expert. So if you planning a trip to that part of the world soon, don’t hesitate to contact her at any time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!


Anna Rice - The Blonde Banana

Trying to find the balance between travel and a full time career, Anna runs The Blonde Banana giving great insights to her travels as well as tips&tricks on travelling solo.

My name is Anna Rice, and I’m a young professional striving to balance my busy career in fashion public relations with my love of travel. I write The Blonde Banana as a way to document my short trips and weekend getaways, and to inspire other Americans to do the same! We definitely get a tough break here with most people only starting out with two weeks of annual vacation, but I’m determined not to let that cramp my travel style. I’ve gone as far as Ecuador, Argentina and Norway for a weekend, and if there’s a holiday it’s almost guaranteed that I’m boarding a flight for a longer break. From Caribbean islands to European capitals and small towns within driving distance of New York City, I’m out to prove that frequent travel is possible without quitting your job.


Richelle Gamlam - Adventures Around Asia

A Seattle native living in China, Adventures Around Asia is “the” blog for those looking for some info on travelling&working in Asia along with really cool ‘China Hacks’!

Traveler, coffee addict and spicy food lover, Richelle currently lives in China, where she’s studying for her master’s degree. Having spent the last few years living in China and traveling around Asia, Richelle enjoys documenting her crazy misadventures and cultural mishaps on her travel blog Adventures Around Asia. In her spare time she enjoys salsa dancing, exploring night markets and stuffing her face with street food.



Sonia does a great job sharing her travels, photography, lifestyle tips and thoughts on life on Sonia Nel Paese Delle Stoviglie. A must-read for those who enjoy some style!

Hello, I’m Sonia and my blog “Sonia nel Paese delle Stoviglie” has been launched in 2009. The name refers to Lewis Carroll most popular book and  means Sonia in the kitchenware land because in 2009 the focus was on recipes from around the world and photography. Since then I started to blog about travel and when I moved from Italy to London 4 years ago I also started to write about lifestyle topics. My blog is in English and Italian and I hope to add soon an additional language. I am a food and travel editor for different Italian magazines and my blog puts me in touch with different brands and tourism boards allowing me to travel a lot and discover wonderful places and people!

I’m constantly trying to balance work, life, travel and dreams.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, keep in touch. 🙂


Morgan - Travel Morgan Travel
Having started traveling with a Eurotrip at the age of 13, Morgan does a great job writing about both her travels and study/live abroad opportunities! Have a look at who she is and do visit her blog!
Morgan Cantrell is a self-proclaimed chocolic and travel addict. Give her a bag of M&Ms and a plane ticket, and she will be the happiest girl on the planet. She’s a freelance writer and a lover of all things American Football. Who knows where she will end up next? To find out, follow Morgan’s adventures on her blog as well as Twitter and Instagram.


Sofie - Wonderful Wanderings
After years of having lead the typical Western European life, Sofie decided to quit her job to focus on travel and freelancing. You can follow her adventures on her blog, which is definitely worth visiting more than once.
Sofie was successfully living the life she’d always planned to live. She’d gone to university, fallen in love, graduated and found a job. The only thing a bit odd about this girl was that her urge to travel. She’d leave the country whenever she could, returning late at night the day before she had to be back in the office. Travel introduced Sofie to different cultures and lifestyles. It made her more confident and spontaneous, but it also made her question herself and the life she was living. Each trip further nurtured her doubts until the certainty of a stable job had been replaced by another: she couldn’t do this anymore. Sofie quit her job to create a career of her own and go in search of her place in this wonderful world. On that quest she explores her home country Belgium, where the roots of her old lifestyle lie, and compares her findings with what she finds around the world. That way she hopes to forge her own path and inspire others to do the same.


Anida - Nonaransel

Astonishingly, Anida from Indonesia quit her job in order to travel as a solo female! Need we say more about this great woman? All else you need is on her blog, just click on it! 🙂

Anida is an Indonesian environmental graphic designer who has a great passion and curiosity in travel and photography. In 2011, she finally quit her professional job to explore some parts of the world—A decision that was not commonly accepted in a muslim majority country like Indonesia. But she did it anyway, and ended up visited more than 20 countries in four continents during 2 years of extensive travels. In October 2014 she published her first travel memoir about her 4500 km journey crossing south of Australia. Through her book and blog posts, she wants to encourage Indonesian women to be brave enough to travel solo. Feel free to reach her on @nidnod on Twitter and @anidadyah on Instagram!



A pro writer who’s written for famous publications you’ll read below, Andrea’s actually passion is food&travel! A beautiful Aussie living in London, Andrea’s blog is a must-visit for both travel articles and lifestyle tips!

Andrea is an Aussie in London, wanderlusting writer, foodie, and travel blogger. She has written articles for publications including Daily Mail Online, Grazia Australia, Shop ‘Til You Drop, The Hotel Culture, Destination 42, and Cleo, and had blog posts featured on Lonely Planet and The Huffington Post.

Ever the shutterbug, Andrea’s camera is always glued to her hand, and she recently starred in a Canon campaign.

This year alone she has travelled to Venice, Berlin, Marrakech (twice!), Maldives, the French Alps, Bruges, Sicily, Dordogne Valley, Krakow, and Poznan, and embarks on a trip of a lifetime around central and south America in December. You can follow her travels on Instagram and Twitter.





A natural-born traveler and a true polyglot, Laura is a beautiful travel blogger with a really cool design on her web site. Check out who Laura is!

My name is Laura and I am a 20-something year old student, blogger and life lover from Berlin, who has a passion for travel.

Because of my multinational background (I am half Polish and half Serbian, but born and raised in Germany), I’ve already traveled a lot as a child. At the age of 16 I studied a year abroad in the United States (which was the best decision ever!) and this is how I got really hooked to discover new cities and places.

To cure my wanderlust I try to travel as often as I can! GirlxDeparture is my special place, where I deliver you a dose of the world. I share stories about exciting adventures abroad and give tips to make your travel experiences memorable. In addition, you will find articles about my hometown (and one of my favorite places on earth) Berlin.

If you want to be up-to-date with my travels or connect with me directly, you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin’ and Pinterest.

Join me and be part of new journeys, get inspired to travel and be in love with your life.

As I always say: “Collect moments, not things.”



A beer lover, frequent travel adviser and a reviewer, Tara is an experienced  traveler whose journey is by no means close to an end! Definitely a travel blogger to follow!

Hi I’m Tara,  I am bit of a geek who loves to travel. Working my trips around a 9-5, my travel style is a mixture of backpacking, hotel stays and finding the best beer. In May 2014 I started my travel blog ‘Travel Geek Tara’ sharing my travel stories, tips and photographs.  My aim is to inspire others to travel, and make the most of my time and experiences.  More recently I have started my ‘Happy Friday Travel Beers’ project where followers travel beer photos can be sent in and are shared and posted each week!

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too!




Leasha is a student travel blogger with a great taste of travel! If you think studying&traveling are hard to combine, check out My Trip This Year to debunk your thoughts!

Leasha is a final year student studying in the north of the UK. She started My Trip This Year after she started planning her first ever solo trip to the West Coast of America early in 2014. From there she has well and truly been bitten by the travel bug planning lots of different adventures for when she is finally set free into the big wide world. Her blog is a mix of travel stories and tips mainly focussing on student travel with a few pretty pictures thrown in for good measure. A self confessed newbie traveller she hopes My Trip This Year shows her travel journey, and everyone can come along for the ride.




A 26 year-old traveler from Norway, Silvia talks about her absolutely catchy adventures on her blog. A girl coming from a frequent-traveler family, she’s lived in 7 countries, let alone visiting over 60 of them.

Heart My Backpack chronicles Silvia’s adventures (and misadventures) across the globe. She’s traveled to over 60 countries, including backpacking solo through Iran and hitchhiking through the “Stans” of Central Asia. Her travels tend to focus on less popular tourist destinations, where she aims to challenge misconceptions about countries that often suffer harsh representations in Western media.

You can follow Silvia’s adventures on Twitter , Facebook, and Instagram.





Bit by the travel bug in the early years of her life, Shawnick is a traveler and a blogger (equals to a travel blogger) who also writes about food, art and shares with her readers her great poses. If you’re into topic diversity with style, Shawnick is your girl!

Shawnick is a traveler with a passion to find beauty in every place she visits around the world. Having traveled extensively for over 10 years now she has touched on about 20 countries and still counting.

Now as a travel blogger, she has proven the abilities in the areas of having background knowledge of the places she’s been and can recommend where to go, what to do and where to stay. You might find her checking out historical monuments, eating the local foods, hiking up volcanos in Hawaii or riding camels in Egypt. You can say she’s seen lots of places but it’s plenty more to explore. Follow her on trips as she gives you tips and photos of all these amazing places. Also on Twitter and Instagram!



A freelance writer from California, Anne calls herself a part-time traveler since she’s managed to visit over 40 countries with a full-time job! Also holding a degree in English Literature and Global Studies, Anne’s blog is a place to be visited frequently for those who have a taste for quality writing!

Anne Lowrey is a freelance travel and food writer.  Having spent the last year traveling through sixteen countries and three continents, she is enjoying life in her hometown of San Francisco.  She holds degrees in English and Global Studies from UCLA, and has lived in Barcelona and Delhi. She writes about striking the balance between life at home and life on the road at her travel and lifestyle blog, Part-Time Traveler. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram sharing photos of her adventures.


Lies - NonStop Destination

Blogging about her travels, Lies is a Belgian blogger who has wanted to live abroad from her very early ages. Nowadays, she’s running a great blog where she is kind enough not to deprive us of her great stories!

After travelling around Europe from an early age, Belgian born travel blogger Lies realised staying in her home country wasn’t enough. Since packing her bags and crossing the English channel 6 years ago, Lies has lived in Scotland, England and South Africa.
After seeing much of Europe, a month long West Coast Road Trip in America, joining an archaeological dig in Dorset, volunteering with Elephants in Thailand, and 2 months in South Africa, 
she decided to finally pen her adventures down on her blog Non Stop Destination.
You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Fionn Luk - My Footprint Diary

Having a passion for sports, outdoor activities and travel photography, Fionn’s blog is full of not only great travel photos but also outstandingly energetic photos of Fionn herself! Take a look!

Fionn (pronounced as Fe-on) is an adventure seeker and a travel blogger that is attracted to danger. She is always on a mission to wander around the globe curiously. She tends to have these crazy ideas that she wants to pursue, but are out of the ordinary. Whether it will be hiking to the bottom of Grand Canyon, swimming with whale sharks, or finishing the World’s Toughest Mudder, she will always be there with her camera(s) in her hands, a smile on her face and butterflies in her stomach. Oh, and she is also a foreign Piña Colada drinker.


Toya Hall - Inspire and Love

A travel blogger from the US, Toya strives to inspire her readers to travel the world and love! Do visit her blog to be inspired by Toya’s great travel experiences!

Hi everyone, my name is Toya Hall and I’m a 29 year old travel blogger from Detroit, Michigan. My desire to travel the world heighten when I went on my first international trip to Rome, Italy two and a half years ago. I made the decision at that moment that I wanted to make frequent travel a lifestyle instead of just a hobby! I immediately started researching popular travel destinations and I’ve been obsessed with traveling ever since. I’ve visited five continents in less than three years and plan on knocking out the other two (Australia & Antarctica) next year. I recently launched my very own travel blog to inspire others to explore the world. I also love fashion and food! I tend to get most excited about shopping and eating well while traveling. You can also find me on Facebook!


joanna go road tripping

An actress, a writer and a traveler, Joanna has lived both in Greece and the USA and traveled to a wide range of countries from South Africa to Sao Paolo! If you’d like to share Joanna’s adventures, Joanna has a beautiful blog for you to visit!

Joanna Kalafatis is a travel blogger based in Los Angeles, California.  Her previous homes include New York and Athens, Greece, but she feels at home pretty much anywhere in the world she’s visited.  So far, she has been to 30 countries, studied in Brazil and South Africa, and spends all her free time writing for travel sites, practicing her photography, learning languages, and planning her next adventures.  Follow her travels and explorations on her blog, or on Instagram – @goroadtripping, Twitter – @GoRoadTrippin, and Facebook.



joanna go road tripping

A huge fan of traveling, surfing, yoga, the sea and coconuts, Jeanette has numerous travel experiences and a perfect blog to share all what she knows about travelling with you! Visit Jeanette’s blog to read a yoga trainer’s travel stories!

Based in Salzburg, Austria, Jeanette started her travelblog 2008 when she decided to quit her PR-job and to travel around the world – not with a backpack like most travellers do, but with a suitcase („trolley“). “Follow Your Trolley” was born! From day one Follow Your Trolley was a travelblog „Flashpackers“ focusing on inspirational destinations, outstanding character hotels, barfoot luxury & travel-inspiration for the soul.
Besides blogging Jeanette is working as a writer, journalist and yogateacher. She accomplished her Yogateachertraining 2011 in Bali. Now she travels around the world not only with her suitcase, but also with her yogamat. She loves to do yoga outdoors, especially at the beach.
Yoga became so important in her life, she starts to integrate yoga more and more into her travelblog. 2015 her own annual yogaretreat called „Yoga with Friends“ will take place at the beautiful Algarve again, one of Jeanettes favorite places. She also runs a Yoga blog where she shares everything that comes across her yogalife – from yogatrips to smoothie recipes.

Christina Wieand – LivinPuraVida


Christina Wieand is a 24 year old American travel lover who grew up in North Carolina, nowadays, she’s busy producing great travel stories for you dear readers! Check out below to meet Christina!

Christina is an avid American traveler with a serious case of wanderlust and a passion for the outdoors. After traveling to Costa Rica and falling in love with both travel and the “pura vida” (good life) lifestyle, she started Livin’ Pura Vida with hopes of inspiring others to explore the world or simply to live the life they love as well. She’s currently on working holiday in Australia, but at the end of her visa this year is planning to backpack Southeast Asia for a few months, followed by Europe for a couple more. So stay tuned – many more adventures to come! Follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Samantha – Samantha En Route

20. Down a pretty road

Started off her blog as a means of sharing her study abroad experiences with people, Samantha’s blog has a lot more to offer nowadays! Scroll down to meet Samantha!

Samantha is a twenty-something travel agent by day and travel lover/blogger/freelancer by night. Having grown up in a sort of cultural melting pot, with her father’s family American and Dominican and her mother being from India, she has been used to traveling since a young age. After studying abroad in Santiago de Compostela, Spain for nine months and exploring a bit of Europe, she thought her wanderlust would be quenched… but she’s thirstier than ever! Samantha originally started her blog in order to keep her family and friends up to date while in Spain but has since continued it in order to share her love of travel and encourage others’ wanderlust along the way. She is constantly in search of new cities to discover!


Kristen Sarah – Hopscotch The Globe


Kristen is a multidimensional type of person who acts, hosts TV shows, blogs (including videoblogging) and travels while doing all these! For those who love travelling and are in need of useful tips (from destinations to consumer products), Hopscotch the Globe is the way to go!

Kristen Sarah is an actress, television host, online personality and travel junkie who created the hit YouTube channel Hopscotch the Globe where she shares her global adventures through travel guides and comedic skits. The channel teaches others how they can travel the world too.
She began acting at a young age, mostly in theatrical performances. She went on to study television and film production in college and went directly into a job as a TVA, assistant floor director and talent manager at MTV Canada. She uploaded her first YouTube video during a 10-month trip she took around the world.
Her blog, HopscotchTheGlobe, has won multiple awards. She was announced as USA Today’s Top Travel Videographer and she has made appearances on The Social, Breakfast Television, Global, YTV The Zone and more. Be sure to watch out for Kristen in Season 4 of Angry Planet where she co-hosts in a special episode along George Kourounis.



Jessica Lipowski


Jessica is an American writer and travel lover who lives in Amsterdam. Naming so many regions while describing Jessica is self-evident when it comes to the fun one has reading her! Check out her bio and do visit her web site!

Jessica Lipowski, an American writer with German and Polish roots originally from Detroit, Michigan, is working on a non-fiction book about the life stories of expat restaurant owners in Amsterdam. The city is home to 178 nationalities. From Mexican and Eritrean to Japanese, Italian and almost everything in between, Amsterdam is truly a cultural melting pot, and the cuisine is just as diverse. This project, combined with her travels over the years and being an expat herself, has provided her the opportunity to view food, travel and culture through a different lens. Follow Jessica on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, too.


Skeeter&Liz - Happy Travelers

Happy Travelers is a travel blog skillfully created by Skeeter and Liz who were bitten by the travel bug in different times, different places. Nowadays, they are devoting their time and effort so that we enjoy their beautifully written travel stories. DO check out their blog, after you read their bio!

Skeeter and Liz are the writers behind Happy Travelers. Both have been traveling their whole lives and couldn’t imagine anything else.

Liz was born in Brazil, moved to the U.S. when she was 8 back in 1997, grew up in Idaho, moved to Nashville, TN and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. She’s restless and can’t stay in one place for long. She travels the world as much as she can and plans on doing so for the rest of her life! The world is her home and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

In 2014 she joined Skeeter’s Happy Travelers blog which she started in 2009 before a massive backpacking trip to New Zealand. Skeeter moved a lot as a child and credits that for her restless feet. “My biggest fear is missing out on this beautiful world by not traveling enough”. She created her blog to help other people achieve their dream of travel and to inspire them to live their best life. She’s currently based on the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Their blog is all about helping your average person get out there and see the world by providing tips and inspiration to make a life field with travel a reality.



rebecca smith

Rebecca is a British traveler who got bitten by the travel bug during her journey in Asia. Nowadays she’s doing a great job talking about her travels on her website. So you think you have “no time for travel”? Check out Rebecca’s blog!

No Time for Travel is the brain child of Rebecca who developed severe wanderlust after travelling in South East Asia. Once your eyes have been opened to the world it’s hard to look at it in the same way again!

The problem with Rebecca’s wanderlust is that while she loves travelling she also loves her home in the UK and her dogs! And so the idea behind No Time for Travel developed. Fed up of writing copy for other people’s websites as part of the 9-5 Rebecca decided to create her own. The logic being that even if you work you can still travel and see the world. Whether it’s on a mini break or a longer expedition No Time for Travel gives a variety of travel tips and inspiration for locations across the globe. If your time is really limited then “two days in…..” is definitely worth a look.

Follow No Time for Travel on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too!



Savannah Grace

Savannah is a Canadian traveler living in Holland for a while, but ‘living’ there does not mean anything close to ‘not traveling’! Also experienced in traveling as a family, Savannah’s blog is the perfect bookmark!

Savannah Grace was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada and has been living as an expat in Holland with her Dutch partner for the past six years. At age 14 she was pulled out of school to backpack around the world with her family for a whopping four years. By the age of 23 she had visited her 100th country and is now the proud author of the award winning series “Sihpromatum”, which includes “I Grew My Boobs in China”, “Backpacks and Bra Straps” and “Rusty Tracks and Booby Traps”. She is the founder of popular weekly Twitter chat #TRLT (The Road Less Travelled). Savannah continues to share her inspirational stories and travel the world in hopes of encouraging others to dream their biggest dream.



amber racer

Amber is ‘the’ traveling ginger who lives in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida. A lover of travel who has also authored Cosmic Astrology: The Book of Answers, Amber’s blog is full of interesting stories which are all so much worth reading!

Amber is a creative writer and natural redhead who loves to share insider’s tips, guides and advice to enliven your travels. She loves ancient ruins and historical sites, and her favorite city is no doubt, Athens. This inquisitive ginger is an author of Philosophy for indie publisher The Oracle’s Library, and she travels the world in search of inspiration in local arts, culture, literature, music and history. She writes for Travel Ginger and contributes to the #HipmunkCityLove project. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Trover and Google+.



nicolette orlemans

Nicolette’s blog and Twitter chat are really special in that they both have a focus on cultures along with traveling. A member of a multicultural family herself, Nicolette Orleman’s exceeds the “5 things to see” type of blogging and brings a cultural approach to traveling. Do visit her blog!

Nicolette Orlemans grew up in a multicultural, bilingual home in The Netherlands. She was raised bilingually with a Polish mother and a Dutch father, and introduced to travel at a young age. Nicolette is currently based in New York City, where she works as a communications strategist. When she’s not working, Nicolette loves to travel and has visited much of Europe, seen many of the U.S. states, and traveled to Egypt. In November 2014, Nicolette founded #CultureTrav, a Twitter chat that focuses on how travelers personally experience travel – how they adapt to cultural differences, how they bridge any language gaps, how they create home away from home, and much more. Nicolette has always been interested in others’ perceptions of culture and travel, and enjoys connecting with fellow travelers to hear their stories. 


Roell and her friends do a more-than-great job on We Are Travellers presenting their readers a whole bunch of experience about a great deal of destinations! Let’s meet Roell below! 🙂

A couple of year ago Roell studied Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. During her Bachelor Studies she made a trip around the world, and after that she started her blog We Are Travellers. In july 2015 she quit her job to travel fulltime and be a travelblogger. She writes about all kind of places around the world. From citytrips to backpackadventures. Her blog is in Dutch, but her instagram is in English so definitely follow her there!



So here are the “Travelling Beauties” of EcoTripSos, whose blogs are all so worth reading! This post, however, will be open forever for the bloggers who want to be involved and connect with other fellow bloggers!



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