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Free Accommodation: Be My Guest!

Alright, we would like to travel but the high rates for hotel room scare us quite a lot. Naturally, we cancel our travel plans in this case, isn’t that right? If your answer to this question is “Yes!”, we can guarantee that this article will make you have second thoughts.

But how? The rates are high and we can’t sneak into a hotel room, plus, an unexpected guest should not actually be that much unexpected after all. Then what can we do to overcome the accommodation obstactle, without paying a single dime? Simple! All you have to do is to subscribe to web groups that notifies us about the fact that the world is not such a bad place at all!

Yes, you’ve got it right. In spite of the news that you watch everyday about murders, thefts etc., the world is still a good place to live. How do we know that? We know that because the internet, providing unlimited communication opportunities, unites also those with a good heart, who would like to help travellers. There are numerous web groups for reciprocal help among travellers and we know it is hard to believe but simply millions of people use them on a daily basis!

Ücretsiz Konaklama

How do these groups operate?

Actually in two ways… When it comes to free accommodation, the concept of hospitality leads the way. Via web sites such as  Couchsurfing, Warmshowers and Hospitality Club, users can communicate, host others and help each other.

The basics of such groups include filling in a profile as in social media, subscribing to certain groups within the web site and manage your personal communication. A traveller sends a message to an available host and tells him/her that s/he wants to stay there for a certain period of time. Then the available host accepts (or may not accept) the guest and the traveller solves the issue of accommodation in a couple of clicks! You didn’t know it was that easy to find a place to stay, right?

We are well aware of the questions you may ask at this point because when we first met such organizations, we had to deal with the same. So, let’s start with the easiest one.

Avoiding Your Kidney From Being Stolen! 

First things first… All of the organizations above have a reference system of their own, which helps for safety. All users, be it the host or the guest, have to leave a reference to one another. Within the context of this reference, one can tell what kind of a person the other is, either good or evil, but taking into account the nice time spent together and the friendship built, references are most often appear like high school yearbooks.

Do read the references in the profile you check out and relax if there are numerous positive references from all around the world. Using appropriate language (which means ‘be nice!) send a short message which indicates that you would like to stay with the particular person.

Ücretsiz Konaklama

Appropriate language? Don’t they have to accept me?

Of course not! No web group can force people to host guests!  The groups we mention only simplify the process for volunteers. If the user that you would like to stay with is unavailable or your profile is not complete, OR you are not nice and explanatory enough, prepare to be rejected. Mind you, that person does not know you. Make sure your profile expresses your personality enough to understand. Be nice!

Be nice? Can you be more specific about that? 

We’d like to clarify one thing first. This free accomodation system aims for much more than free accommodation.  The fundamental purpose of such groups is to make people meet each other, make sure travelling is not solely taking pictures of historical artifacts and most importantly, cultural exchange. What is more, you will not be welcome in the community if all you care about is free accommodation.

For that reason, please keep in mind the following guidelines if you would like to make sure you get a positive reply.

1.Make sure your profile describes you enough.
2.Introduce yourselves in your messages.
3.Mention about your travel, your destinations and your purpose.
4.Why him/her? Why not others?
5.Provide a mobile number if you are on the road and cannot access the internet whenever you want.

As long as you keep these points in mind, active users will not hesitate to host you and welcome you into their lives.

Lastly, we recommend you subsribe to one or more of these groups. Rest assured that you will have an unforgettable holiday, nowhere near hotels or holiday resorts. The lives, habits and cultures of total strangers, living a stranger’s life for a couple of days will make sure of that!

How to go there? Take a look at our ‘budget transportation‘ section!

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Free Accommodation / Ücretsiz Konaklama
Free Accommodation / Ücretsiz Konaklama

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